XK Glow LED Motorcycle kit

About XK Glow LED Motorcycle kit

Key Features:

  • (2) 10 inch slim strip lights & (6) compact pod lights specifically designed for motorcycles.

  • Built in Bluetooth functionality. Sync light to music(Now support 3rd party streaming music), speed or acceleration.

  • 16 million colors. Capture color with camera.

  • Over 15 holiday themes and DIY theme builder.

  • Customizable Smart-Brake. All lights turn red when brake light is on.


  • This LED Accent Light Kits is the brightest way to customize your ride. Kits include waterproof LED strip lights with premuim RGB LEDs for bright, vibrant colors. The kits are controlled with the industry-leading XKchrome Smartphone App Controller with millions of colors to choose from, a Themes builder, Music sync, and so much more. The integrated Smart Brake feature turns all LEDs RED when the brake is activated getting you seen out there. Install is plug and play after mounting the lights to get you back up and running in no time. Light up your ride today!


2 reviews for XK Glow LED Motorcycle kit

  • hotrod7287 (verified owner)

    I have had an XK Glow kit in the past, but this one is pretty sweet. The link to the phone app and all the features makes this well worth the money. Tapping into the brake signal line was a bit annoying as the lead they connect to the control unit was only about 6″. A little solder and some spare cable/connectors made it work.

  • Javier (verified owner)

    I installed this kit on my 2023 Grom. The kit quality is amazing everything I needed was there and the app is very helpful to use. I programmed my presets for my favorite colors and I also hooked up the brake wire option so no matter what color I have it on when I hit the brakes it turns all the lights red. The hardest part of installing this kit is knowing where to run your wires and lights. If you have that mapped out already install is a breeze

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