Just a bit of insight on our bike maps…. We get a lot of emails requesting maps, from people who purchased their tuners on eBay, Amazon, or from another vendor. Our maps are effective and free, but we support those who support us. No doubt you can search the internet over and find slightly lower pricing, but we always price fairly from the start, and back up our sales long into the future with support. There’s value to the customer there that far outweighs the minuscule savings elsewhere, and your patronage here justifies the extensive time we invest into testing, tuning, and providing maps otherwise free of charge. We want all riders to maximize the potential of their bikes, and enjoy the ride, but we request you don’t ask us for support of tuners purchased elsewhere. Thx, MNNTHBX team.

8 thoughts on “Tuners and maps…..

  1. I have a 2020 Grom and am thinking about a fuel tuner, I cant tell which one to get, My bike has a exhaust and 4, 1/2′ holes in the air box other than that bike is all stock, can you help…

  2. Amen! Love your products. I have questions on the tuner and intake for my grom regaurding Nitrous. I would love an email if possible. Or if anyone knows where I can find contact info.

  3. I agree with your request for everyone who purchases elsewhere to not ask you guys for mapping details. My question is what about the air intake. I just bought a 2018 Spade & will be ordering exhaust & tunner from you guys but what about air intake for more power?

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