In the last year, we’ve seen the rise of the 12″ knobby. These tires obviously handle the rough stuff, but are shockingly good on road. Certainly not tires you’d want to do track days on, but they’ll get you comfortably down the road for sure. All three of these are great tires, and it boils down to your intention. All three tires in this shot are 130/70-12.

The Maxxis 6024 (left) is by far the lightest at 6.8lbs. It’s tighter tread spacing would lend it to a slightly smoother road ride. We would consider this tire geared for the street slightly more than the others.

The Kenda Big Block (center) is by far our most popular knobby. Heavier at 8.6lbs, it’s wider thread spacing will provide more offload bite, and we’ve been shocked how well these tires grip when pushed hard on dry pavement. This tire has proven to be the all-arounder of the group.

The Shinko Mobber (right) is the newest release of the three, just now hitting the market. At 9.0lbs, it’s without question the closest to a true offload tire. We watched it’s tall soft lugs win the offroad racing at Barber Small Bore. This is the most aggressive offroad tire in the group.


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