Renthal Grips in Light Gray/Black

About Renthal Grips in Light Gray/Black
]The dual compound Renthal has been our go-to street grip forever. Great feel, traction, and price.

2 reviews for Renthal Grips in Light Gray/Black

  • Cliff (verified owner)

    Soooo much more comfortable than the stock hard rubber

  • Kyle (verified owner)

    Huge improvement over the stock grips, however the throttle sleeve on the Vitpilen 401 requires significant modifications (filing off numerous plastic standoffs) to install these grips properly, and once installed the throttle side is noticeably thicker than the clutch side. The grips themselves are excellent, however since these grips are listed as an accessory for the Vitpilen 401, it should be known that the installation process is frustrating for this bike and the end result isn’t perfection. Still great grips, just great on a different bike!

    • kevin estep

      Grips being universal, many bikes require you remove factory ribbing from the throttle tube. As for the grips not being the same size, understand all grips come with a throttle specific size, and a clutch specific size. Sounds like you installed them swapped. That’s the only way you’d end up with one side larger than the other.

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