Hotbodies Racing Kawasaki Z125 Adjustable Lever Set

About Hotbodies Racing Kawasaki Z125 Adjustable Lever Set
These beautifully crafted levers for the Z125 are made of high aircraft grade 6061 aluminum for added strength and reliability. The 6 position clicker allows for quick on the fly position adjustments with a roller cam assembly that allows the rider to fine tune the feel of the clutch and to compensate for brake fade. The fold away lever is an added feature for safety and reduces damage in the event of a crash. The folding hinge offers excellent rider feel and response with a carefully crafted assembly. It does not matter if you’re riding style is a two finger grab or a hand full, the adjustable lever length will assure a proper fit. You simple cannot resist touching these beautiful controls due to the appealing contrast of both the satin and matte anodizing. These levers install easily to your OEM style clutch perches and brake master cylinders so that you are back on the road or track in minutes. ** Use OEM clutch lever bushings if applicable. *** Use Grease on all assembly point to ease installation. Features:
  • 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Cam adjustable lever position with 6 on the fly clickable settings.
  • Adjustable lever length to fit any rider.
  • Fold away hinge for safety and reduced damage.
  • Matte anodized finish.
  • Compatible with OEM style clutch perches and master cylinders.


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