Yoshimura RS-3 Exhaust for Honda Monkey 125

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About Yoshimura RS-3 Exhaust for Honda Monkey 125
Your choice of either a full exhaust system or a slip on exhaust system. For Yoshimura, getting the details right on the Monkey was critical. Sure they added performance. The full system max HP is up 7.3% as well as max torque being up 3.1%, but the sound had to be fitting for the two-wheeled primate - enter the custom developed pint-sized RS-3. With a custom hard anodized cap featuring a titanium tip, a special inner core baffle, and an integrated heat shield, this little guy delivers style, performance, tone and fun! The Race Series full system even includes an 18mm o2 sensor. Its all about the details on this new system for the new Monkey! Full System Race Series by Yoshimura:
-If you're looking for that competitive edge, look no further than our Race Series. These exhaust systems are designed with nothing but power in mind. Each Race Series system is developed in accordance with noise compliance regulations imposed by most racing sanctioning bodies worldwide.
**All applications are marked with appropriate EPA noise emissions labels
***Has Not been tested for EPA noise compliance***
Slip on Street Series by Yoshimura:All Street Series systems are Slip-on applications that do not require tampering with the vehicle's emissions control system, yet still deliver that special spirit the world has come to expect from the legendary company known as Yoshimura. Street Series applications cover all of the iconic profiles that Yoshimura has become famous for.
Optional DB Killer (noise reducer) & Spark Arrestor available separately in the drop down tab.

18 reviews for Yoshimura RS-3 Exhaust for Honda Monkey 125

  • Mark Rex (verified owner)

    First in Australia to receive the RS3. Super quick shipping by the guys at MNNTHBX.
    The RS3 is well made as expected and the sound is deep and quality. not too loud or annoying. The RS3 and airfilter combo give the Monkey more acceleration and uphill speed. very impressed.
    Recommended to install the Bazzaz ZFi and AFM for the biggest power gains on the stock engine.

  • Suga Sean (verified owner)

    Best exhaust on the market for the monkey. Great sound and performance. Plus the best seller in the business……

  • Roger Erdin (verified owner)

    My first order at MNNTHBX convinced me 100%. Super Service, good advise, fast response, willing to do more for you. The exhaust has a great sound . You’ll get what you want. But dare to think you can sneek home in the Swiss Moutains with that 😉

  • l.gromest (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff, looks the part, every detail is on point and it sounds great, best option for the monkey right now.

  • Joe Lapiana

    The yosi is the perfect pipe for theonley. Makes sick power and is quiet with the quiet insert.and Kevin had the best prices . Very happy with the exhaust

  • Timothy Summers

    Beautiful construction. The detail put into this is lovely. It’s so cute I want another to have as wall art. Sounds amazing. Perfect that it has o2 bung. Fitment couldn’t have been better. Big power gains and very light weight.

  • Chuck

    Love this exhaust, easy to install I would recommend buying and installing the spark arrester with the RS3. Smooths out sound of pipes.

  • tom watson (verified owner)

    Just the best mod i could ever imagine.
    Looks sh*t hot and sounds amazballs – and the power!!!
    Ive two Monkeys, Im keeping one original to preserve the culture but the other Ive installed this beast to compensate for my short comings 🙂
    Just absolutely love it, its worth the dough.
    Cant say how great it sounds, just love lighting it up!!!
    In one happy camper.

  • kurby01 (verified owner)

    Just awesome. Nice deep tone, and no it’s not too loud when putting around. It does scream a little when getting on it but that’s a good thing! Great fit and finish, nice monkey touches. Great with a mnnthbx intake and a CJR tune!!

  • kurby01 (verified owner)

    Get it…..I’ve heard all kinds of people claim it’s too loud. It’s not….great deep throaty sound that can get loud at full throttle but that’s what you want….to be heard. Great fit and finish and good weight savings and performance

  • JZ (verified owner)

    Bike has more power and it sounds awesome! Easy to install

  • jason zaffuto (verified owner)

    Love this Exhaust! Easy install and sounds awesome!

  • Joel D

    High quality easy installation and all the sound and style you hope for.

  • Tor Einar (verified owner)

    Very fast shipment from you guys, thanks. I was very happy with this product, it looks so cool on this bike, best looking exhaust. Also the sound is perfect, with the spark arrestor it was exactly the sound I was hoping for. First I had an Acrapovic but it was way to loud and annoying.

  • Mark Forsyth

    Wicked fast delivery,Yoshi full exhaust sounds amazing,best upgrade yet.

  • Matthew Yusko

    Buy the race version. I bought slip on first and lost some fuel economy. Installed flash and intake and was unimpressed. Changed to race version getting rid of cat and now not choked out at higher rpm. Had good mid rpm power, but none at top with slip on. Now can ride up to 60 in most conditions, even a slight uphill into the wind. Couldn’t with the slip on. Slip on would drop to 52. Don’t do the slip on. Just do the intake also and buy the flash. You won’t regret it. The race version will get you more power in the future.

  • brandon.sexton43 (verified owner)

    Super easy to install and an unreplaceable sound. I have a 2022 Monkey and my friends have all different brands. This brand to me sounds the best, picks up low end torque and looks amazing!

  • Daniel Yepez (verified owner)

    Great little upgrade. Sound is exactly what I was looking and hoping for with the DB/spark arrestor. Easy quick install and the quality is top notch.

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