Honda Monkey 125 Rear Grab Bar - CHROME OR BLACK

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About Honda Monkey 125 Rear Grab Bar - CHROME OR BLACK
Between the awesome looks, low price and easy installation, this is a no brainer mod that every Monkey owner needs. Available in Chrome or Black. While there isn’t a lot of room on the Monkey for a passenger, if you do take one, this adds an extra spot to hold on. With its heavy duty construction, it also can be very handy to use when positioning your bike in tight spots or when loading and unloading during transport.  Its very easy to install and will add a nice custom touch to your Monkey.  

6 reviews for Honda Monkey 125 Rear Grab Bar – CHROME OR BLACK

  • Timothy Jay Summers (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Comes with all hardware. Very sturdy. Very handy. Bike should come stock with it!!! Perfect add on. Clean looks. Practical. Useful.

  • Julie (verified owner)

    Shipping was very fast and it’s perfect for my 2022 Honda Monkey. Way easier to maneuver the bike around now.

  • Dan Matthews (verified owner)

    Nice fit and finish. You can tell my chrome grab bar is a high quality part.
    Looks great on my 2019 red Honda Monkey. Very easy to install.

  • Matthew McMahon (verified owner)

    This thing rules. It makes the Monkey look great and the Grab bar helps to move this bike around with ease. This is a must buy.

  • Sammy (verified owner)

    Useful, high quality, easy to install

  • Shawn Sparks (verified owner)

    I was completely pleased with both quality, and price. I highly recommend!

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