TB Parts Full Exhaust for Honda Monkey 125 - (Carbon Fiber, Matte Black or Polished Alum)

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About TB Parts Full Exhaust for Honda Monkey 125 - (Carbon Fiber, Matte Black or Polished Alum)
The new Monkey 125 Performance Exhaust was developed for performance, looks, and value. It is available in 3 choices: Carbon Fiber, Matte Black or Alum. There was an alternative needed to the massive size of the stock and most aftermarket exhausts. This exhaust on the popular Z50 (the original “Monkey”) aftermarket performance exhausts that has been selling for nearly 20 years. They increase performance while providing a clean and compact look that better fits the small Monkey in our opinion. It will fit perfectly, sound great, and improve the performance of your Monkey at a reasonable price for a quality exhaust. Some of the key features are:
  • Carbon\Matte\Alum Muffler Options
  • Chromed Stepped-up Header
  • Black Guard on Matte Muffler Option| Chrome Guard on Alum and Carbon Option
  • Does not require ECU flashing/tuning (but doing so would add additional performance)
  • Weighs 4.2lbs (stock is 11 lbs)
  • Includes a removable silencer
  • Works great with stock engines or ones with big bore kits
  • **** Important Note for 2022 & Up models: The exhaust fits perfectly on the new 5 speed engine, however, the clutch cable hits or is a couple millimeters from the exhaust so the heat could damage the cable.  The easiest solution to resolve this issue is to zip tie the cable to the frame and there are 2 perfectly located holes in the frame to make this a quick and easy fix (if you scroll thru the pics, we included one showing where the zip ties go). Alternate solutions are to bend back the clutch cable bracket on the clutch cover slightly or add some exhaust tape to the header pipe (it wont be visible as the location is behind the exhaust cover). ***

13 reviews for TB Parts Full Exhaust for Honda Monkey 125 – (Carbon Fiber, Matte Black or Polished Alum)

  • Rick Gibson (verified owner)

    Beautiful sound easy install. Quick delivery. Picked up 4mph

  • Zac Jordan

    Shipped to New Zealand (very well packaged) fits quickly and perfectly with all parts, boots, washers and gaskets supplied – very happy.

  • Dale Fox (verified owner)

    Awesome sound easy to install, put this exhaust on and a 14 tooth sprocket on a stock engine and it came alive didn’t have to get a tuner as I didn’t modify the intake, that may come later just because it is priced lower doesn’t mean it is low quality, I love it

  • Eric Wynman (verified owner)

    The exhuast showed up pretty fast. It came with all the parts necessary including the gasket! Easy install. Looks and sounds great. Awesome purchase

  • Andrew Boyd (verified owner)

    Installing the stainless on my 2019 red Monkey last night. Easy install. Looks great. Love the sound! Priced ridiculously cheap, too.

  • mid10josh

    Love the look and style, but hate the sound. Yes, it’s a 125cc… but it sounds so wimpy with this exhaust. I’m guessing it’s the smaller diameter piping. But, for the price, it’s not horrible.

  • Kenny Bryant (verified owner)

    This is a good quality exhaust system And the price is half of the other brands. He won’t be disappointed with this exhaust it sounds great and easy on the pocketbook.

  • Matthew McMahon (verified owner)

    Well it doesn’t exactly line up with the bolts connected to the head so only one bolt is holding it on properly the other is kind of just there. Also it LEAKS BADLY where the pipe fits to the muffler. It tried exhaust putty which lasted about 3 minuets. It’s an inexpensive exhaust and it shows.

    • Kevin Estep

      Matthew, have you contacted us for support? We sell a lot of these, all issue free. As with any exhaust, there’s a correct sequence of tightening to allow components to properly align. Shoot us an email with photos of your issues, and we’ll get you taken care of.

  • Tommy Sanders (verified owner)

    Great product and very knowledgeable staff
    Greg was very nice guy

  • John Hutson (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, easy install and sounds GREAT! Looks and sounds like a 70s trail bike. Love it.

  • Michael A (verified owner)

    Perfect exhaust for the price. Fast shipping. Great build quality. Exhaust note is growly and has a bite. Much improved over stock. I like to run it without the included silencer. It’s not too loud or obnoxious. Still reasonably quiet at idle. But you can definitely be heard when revving. Looks great and is less than half the weight of the stock exhaust. Love it!

  • Dan Klette (verified owner)

    I love the sound and it was easy to install. It fit perfectly and looks great!

  • Jim Maguire (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery. Very easy to install. Great looking. Good bark but not too loud. Perfect.

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