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With the popularity of small bore bikes growing, we're lucky in that there is now a large selection of tires for these bikes available. We stock our favorite tires, and here's a bit of insight on those units. *For street use, it's really hard to beat either the Michelin Pilot Pure SC, Pirelli Diablo, or the Kenda KOZMIK. All are far superior to the OEM tire. They're great in both dry and wet conditions, are far more capable in aggressive riding or occasional track conditions, while maintaining great ride comfort and tire life. The Shinko SR723 is also a great all arounder, with the additional style option of whitewalls, to add pop on certain builds. Our stunt pals Aaron Colton and Rodney Sargent both love the Shinko 428 for stunt & street duty. *For track and race use, the Dunlop TT93 and Kenda KD1 Kwicks are both extremely popular. Maximum grip for aggressive lean angles, they're also capable on the street, however will show slightly less longevity that the above pure street tires. *Spending some time off of smooth pavement? The Kenda Big Block, Shinko Mobber, and Maxxis M6024 are simply amazing. Most shocking to us is how well they performed on the street. They are louder at speed, and rougher at low speed, but stick really well at speed in the twisties, and offer a surprisingly quick turn-in. Their weakest point would be wet street use, otherwise, their far more capable that the eye would suggest. *Ruckus, Met, or other small 10"? Lets be honest, you're not going to overpower any tire, so this becomes a function of style and speed. The Kenda K764 looks and rides stellar on the Ruckus and is wide enough to be stretched onto fatty wheels if needed.Much the same with the Shinko SR723, which has a stylish tread pattern in both black and white wall. The Kenda Kozmik 10" is available only in a 3.5, which translates into roughly a 100/90, so it's skinny. If speed is what you're after, this is one of the fastest Ruckus tires you can run. Need knobbies for dirt work on your low power machine? Go with the Shinko Mini Trail. *Sizing - Stylistically, many want wide tires, so go that route if cosmetics are the priority. Racers and generally fast guys will most times prefer a slightly more narrow tire, which will turn in faster, provide a more round profile more consistent transition, and weigh a bit less. *Pressure - Your factory manual is always the best place to start, and ultimately, it all comes down to rider preference, so there is no "right" answer. For street use, we often end up around 28psi. For track use, we end up closer to 20psi. Again, this is a matter of testing and personal choice. Occasionally, we see someone use much higher pressures for "speed". Don't be one of those people. There's very little to be had there, and traction and tire life will suffer severely.  


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