MNNTHBX 7/8 bar for Honda Monkey 125 - CHROME or BLACK

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About MNNTHBX 7/8 bar for Honda Monkey 125 - CHROME or BLACK
We tested a LOT of bars, and the MNNTHBX signature bend fits the Honda Monkey better than anything we could find. This 7/8" bar is a direct bolt on, cleans up the look, and provides better ergonomics. Available in either chrome or black.

10 reviews for MNNTHBX 7/8 bar for Honda Monkey 125 – CHROME or BLACK

  • Justin Monstrola (verified owner)

    When I’m in search of a product I look for many things. Quality is the up most important along with functionality. I purchased these bars and I must say they are everything I wanted and more if you are in the market for bars to make your Monkey better than it is I highly recommend these bars. And you can’t beat the price. The only issue I found was that they don’t have a predrilled hole for the throttle lock.

  • Justin Monstrola (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to try more of there other products

  • Albert Diaz (verified owner)

    I wanted to get more of a cafe racer look but a straight bar was just way to low. The curve on these bars is perfect. Right in between the factory bars and a straight bar. You have to drill your own holes but I did and it wasn’t too bad. Best of all, you can’t beat the price!!!!

  • Matthew owen (verified owner)

    This bar made a differents in handling in a good way. I really like the look and feel. Installation wasnt too bad, had to drill a couple of holes, but other than that it was pretty simple. Great job MNNTHBX.

  • Diego Minotti (verified owner)

    Fits perfect and is good position. best quality

  • Brad A (verified owner)

    As a taller rider I really like the fit and width of these bars. Not a cafe but more of a flat track feel. You will have to drill for the set pins in the throttle housing but not a big deal. Very pleased with these bars and the price is right.

  • Efrain Rosas (verified owner)

    I’m a little upset I didn’t buy these the minute I bought my Monkey. I’ve rode with them for about 500 miles and the feeling is just superb. Gives you a better riding stance than the stock setup. Easy install and you don’t really have to drill holes like some are saying to. (that being said, MNNTBX, should I consider drilling the holes?) I’ve had no issues with them as is and for the price you can not go wrong.

  • dan.johnson (verified owner)

    Very happy with these over the stock bars. Good quality.

  • Luke (verified owner)

    I’m not one to normally agree with everyone however when it comes to these bars that’s exactly what I’m going to have to do. For the price that I paid for these things I expected them to be entry level budget bars, something to get me started on the customization scene and then I’ll purchase something more dependable down the line. Well MNNTHBX just knocked every other part of that equation out. These bars are excellent quality shipped with excellent shipping material and move your hands to a much more comfortable position while also looking more sporty. Yes it’s hard to find new handlebars that come with a pre-drilled hole, however, if drilling a hole scares you just have a shop install them. I put my controls where I wanted them put my finger right where the dimple was and drilled right where my finger was 5 minutes later I’m on the road.

  • (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these bars. They make the riding position so much better as I found the stock bars to be too inward facing which put my wrists at a bad angle for comfortable riding. These bars are excellent. The low slung nature of them makes the bike look and feel awesome.

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