Yamaha R3 Ram Stem Nut by MNNTHBX

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About Yamaha R3 Ram Stem Nut by MNNTHBX
Our hard anodized billet stem nut is a direct replacement for the stock Yamaha R3 stem nut, and allows you to mount your phone or GoPro in perfect position. DO NOT EXCEED 30ft.lbs of torque during installation.    

20 reviews for Yamaha R3 Ram Stem Nut by MNNTHBX

  • Elijah Arroyo (verified owner)

    Great phone mount it looks better than most and works great very happy I choose this one.

  • Ming (verified owner)

    Very clean look, much better RAM mount than the kind that use a handlebar clamp or mirror stem mount, (the clip ons for the R3 are a bit crowded), or the off-center option of replacing a clip-on bolt.

    I ordered the full kit (which I would highly ecommend), and replaced the thumb screw for the RAM adapter with a (M6?) hex bolt, now it’s permanently attached and ready for whenever I need navigation.

  • Mark (verified owner)

    This mount is $$$. I wanted a clean mount in the center of my bars, as I am not a fan of the clip on mounts. This was the perfect solution, looks and functions fantastically. Holds my phone with ease when running at high speeds and leaves me with zero worry as I’m whipping through corners in the canyons. Highly recommended and look forward to doing more business with you guys soon!

  • Brian (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly into stem and works amazing! Such an easy install and an amazing product is out of the way of handle bars, gauges and key. definatly recommend for an out of the way really sturdy phone mount system.

  • David kones (verified owner)

    Great product. Worked as described. It is a very lightweight stem nut. It is aluminum and must be careful not to strip when installing.

  • Michael

    Shipping costs more than the product it self. Even though payed so much for shipping, even after 1 week the shipment hasn‘t been sent.

    • kevin estep

      Michael, we don’t set shipping rates, and ship as low as possible, often losing money. The fact you ordered from across the world makes your shipping price high, understandably. Additionally, you were notified instantly the item was out of stock, and offered a refund if you preferred one, but we never heard back from you…

  • Derek

    Does this work for 2019+ r3?

    • kevin estep

      All years.

  • Abhinav Rajeev

    Great product guys, this is so useful because it is very minimalistic and pleasing to be in the centre. Just ordered this. How long would shipping take? Rough estimate. Thanks Guys, awesome work. Really impressed.

    • kevin estep

      Once back from anodize, they ship same-day, with 1-3 days transit.

  • Vick (verified owner)

    Looks awesome! Anyone know the torque specs ? Cheers

    • kevin estep

      Set it to 60ft.lbs.

  • Justin Novak (verified owner)

    Exactly as I expected! Gave my 2020 R3 the cockpit I wanted, with my navigation right in my face.

    I ordered the whole kit and highly suggest this, it just makes it so easy… 10 minute install is stress free!

  • James (verified owner)

    Quality is great, works perfect for my quad mount set up. Wish it came with a card or something that tells the torque spec, the specs I found online were wrong and I ended up striping the hole on the ball. so now it’s permanently mounted, which is fine because it’s a great product lol.

  • Chris Miksic

    Quality piece. Looks great and allows for mounting in perfect location!
    Best purchase.

  • Keith O’Shea (verified owner)

    I got this for my Yamaha R3. Works perfect. I definitely recommend it. Its easy to install and is the best solution for mounting my phone to my bike

  • Robert Johnson (verified owner)

    Took a while to receive (it was on backorder) but its honestly amazing. there isnt anther option for stem mounts on an R3 and this one is pure quality and easy to install.

  • TK (verified owner)

    Little more work to piece together this and a quadlock but overall well worth it over having to adjust your brake lever location for a bar mount. Also the center position looks so much better.

  • rommel.verano-7226 (verified owner)

    I just received the package, ang its so beautiful, easy to install, and its looks cleaner than other brand phone mount.. highly recommended 👌

  • Benjamin (verified owner)

    What would the torque be when I install? Because it says on the website 30ft lbs and the factory spec is 69. Also should I use allen key or star key?

    • kevin estep

      30ft lbs, w/ an allen. Factor torque is only required to set the bearings if you’re assembling the forks, stem and triples from scratch, and is in no way required for only the stem nut swap.

  • Vince N (verified owner)

    This is the only option for the R3, I can’t wait to receive and install it!! What is the size of the ball for this mount?

  • Matthew Manolovits (verified owner)

    High quality & very prompt support shipping to my residence in Thailand; would recommend to other Yamaha R3 riders as being able to center mount a device securely was a real game changer for my road trips in Thailand.

  • Dennis Griffith

    Well it’s absurd great! But the rubber pieces came off even tho I glued them in lol now there are just 4 metal prongs sticking up and the phone will not hang on with out the rubber pieces! So now I have to buy some rubber pieces and that’s a week out. There not that expensive but last night I had to use the gps on my bike and I was pissed as hell! Made me late for work!! That’s glue is b.s now I live in the desert so it’s like 120 out right now so that could be an issue. And yes I applied the glue before I went to bed so it was there for hours! Came right off. I’ll have to… idk get some epoxy for
    My climate!!! Maybe tape?!? Idk I don’t want it to look like shit. Any whom great product just don’t hold up in the heat great product!!!!! Just warning the desert folk

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