TB Performance Camshaft Kit – Kawasaki Z125

About TB Performance Camshaft Kit – Kawasaki Z125
TB Performance Camshaft Kit – Kawasaki Z125
Kawasaki Z125 Performance Camshaft Kit. This is for use with any stock cylinder head setup (110cc-143cc+). This grind has years of R&D built into it. Stock applications will see peak gains close to 1HP. The best part is that this cam carries those HP gains all the way from the bottom of the RPM range unlike most other cams that shave power off the bottom end to move it up-top. Not to mention this camshaft is brand new, not a regrind, and includes brand new Taiwan TPI bearings made to OEM specifications. The cam requires the rear bearing to be removed before installation.  Features:
  • Average of 1hp gain throughout the RPM range in stock applications
  • Brand new camshaft and bearings
  • Works great with the stock cylinder head on a stock Z125
  • Cam sprocket and hardware included for installation!
Note – This is a bolt on kit for 2017+ Kawasaki Z125s. This is not a decompression cam like OEM, but will not affect starting with stock bore or 143 bore kits. Tuning is required for optimal performance but is not always necessary with basic cam swaps.


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