TB Manual Clutch Cover Kit – Honda CRF110

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About TB Manual Clutch Cover Kit – Honda CRF110
TBparts CRF110 Manual Clutch Kit (TBW1663) for use with all semi automatic CRF110s. Starting out with the new Gloss Black clutch cover. TBParts inspects and installed all of the parts in house. First is the clutch arm on/inside the case. It utilizes a needle bearing for smoother action. Everything else needed (except new engine oil) is included: a new clutch cover gasket, clutch cable bracket, a new clutch cable, and a high quality adjustable on the fly clutch lever. Key Features
  • This kit works with the stock CRF110 clutch and the aftermarket Heavy Duty Clutch assembly- TBW1599.
  • This kit retains the factory centrifugal one-way clutch, so it is not a full/true manual. When you come to a stop and do not use the clutch lever the bike will not stall, instead the centrifugal clutch will disengage.
  • Includes 2 clutch pushrods (The top hat looking piece) – The longer pushrod 14.5mm is for the shorter original OEM clutch. The shorter pushrod 13.5mm is for the taller TBparts HD clutch- TBW1599
***** OPTIONAL CLUTCH KIT (TBW1599)***** TBparts heavy duty clutch basket assembly for the Honda CRF110. This is a clutch for the CRF110 that will hold more power and work better. An OEM Honda gear to ensure a perfect fit and high quality product & with a traditional 5 fiber 6 spring clutch pack. This helps the transmission shift better too. The custom HD springs are made to hold the power of big bore kits. Complete from gear to lifter plate. Bolt on!  Key Features:
  • OEM Gear
  • Traditional 5 plate, 6 spring clutch pack
  • Complete with gear, basket, center hub, pressure plate, & lifter plate
  • Heavy Duty


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