Honda Ruckus Intake by MNNTHBX

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About Honda Ruckus Intake by MNNTHBX
The most proven Honda Ruckus intake in the game. USA manufactured and designed. Intake kit comes with a premium silicone-based MNNTHBX air filter, intake runner hose, stainless clamps, anodized billet washer & bolt.
Now with optional weatherproof pre-filters.

2 reviews for Honda Ruckus Intake by MNNTHBX

  • Zack C (verified owner)

    Quality kit! Would love to see an installation video

  • James (verified owner)

    The kit is quality. No two ways about it. The instructions? Like most aftermarket Ruckus vendors lack the ability to provide technical instructions for first-timers. A video would be great but instructions are essential. Something like this is would be very helpful: (NOTE: this works for newer model Ruckuses as well)

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