Nitron Shock for Honda Grom

About Nitron Shock for Honda Grom
Designed around the 2021, the new Nitron Grom shock is a work of art. It was designed specifically for the new Grom, and is arguably the single best performing shock on the market. We were able to broker a special arrangement and sell what should be a $650+ shock at a fantastic price point. We took extended time to have our fast friends at Yoshimura beta test these units prior to final specification, and they were simple mind blown at the performance of this unit. It's built inside and out to the highest spec possible, using special finishes and materials when they weren't mandatory. Preload and rebound adjustable, with the best adjuster and tool we've ever seen. Easy to access and use twist clicker at the bottom, with crisp and clean detent feel. Additional spring rates are optional, however riders between 165lbs. and 230lbs. will find this to be near perfection. Each shock has a VIN# stamping, and build sheet including the builder, date of manufacture, and inspector. 5 year manufacturers limited warranty. Made in the Britain. (This will fit prior model Grom, just be aware it's the exact length of the 2021+ shock, 9.5" eye to eye.)


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