Nitron Shock for Honda Grom

About Nitron Shock for Honda Grom
The Nitron Grom shock is a work of art. It was designed specifically for the new Grom, and is arguably the single best performing shock on the market.  We took extended time to have our fast friends at Yoshimura beta test these units prior to final specification, and they were simple mind blown at the performance of this unit. It's built inside and out to the highest spec possible, using special finishes and materials when they weren't mandatory. Preload and rebound adjustable, with the best adjuster and tool we've ever seen. Easy to access and use twist clicker at the bottom, with crisp and clean detent feel. Additional spring rates are optional, however riders between 165lbs. and 230lbs. will find this to be near perfection. Each shock has a VIN# stamping, and build sheet including the builder, date of manufacture, and inspector. 5 year manufacturers limited warranty. Made in the Britain. (This will fit prior model Grom, just be aware it's the exact length of the 2021+ shock, 9.5" eye to eye.)

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  • Bill Levy (verified owner)

    The Nitron Shock will take your riding experience to a completely new level. I’m sure that sounds funny, since we’re only talking about a Honda Grom, but it could not be more true. The stock shock your Honda Grom comes with cannot and should not be compared to this Nitron Shock. The quality is top notch and the installation could not have been easier. I could certainly have picked up another shock from another retailer, but you absolutely get what you pay for. Kudos to Nitron and a big kudos to MNNTHBX for offering a superior shock for a consumer friendly price.

  • Lawrence Alvira (verified owner)

    The Nitron shock is an amazing upgrade for the grom! I highly recommend this shock! It should actually be one of the first mods anyone does to their grom. You can’t even compare the stock shock to the Nitron. Not even in the same league. It’s build quality is out of this world! Definitely one of the best mods I’ve done so far. If your on the fence about buying it, just get it. You will not be disappointed!

  • Bob S. (verified owner)

    This is one of the best upgrades you can do for a Grom, much nicer ride.

  • brandon.ivy (verified owner)

    I bought this because riding my grom hurt my butt after a ride over 10 miles. Also, whenever I took my wife on it with me, it was a lot worse. I tried going with a padded seat cover, which helped, but didn’t quite get me there. I finally caved and bought this Nitron shock, and I don’t regret it at all. In fact, I regret not having this be the first modification I’ve done. It took only a few minutes to install – I used ratchet straps around a rafter in my garage to hold the top end up to make it easier. Right after the install, I took it for a ride without changing any settings on it. It felt like a different bike, with a shock that actually absorbs anything on the road. My butt feels a lot better, and even without changing any settings, can fully support my wife and myself with a lot more shock absorbing. I highly recommend anyone get this shock. You will not regret it.

  • Brandon Phillips (verified owner)

    I have put 300 miles on the bike since installing this shock. I have really enjoyed it handles better. And my butt don’t got numb as fast anymore.

  • thesource83 (verified owner)

    Night and day difference, little pricey but well worth it!

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