MNNTHBX Billet Mtake (Intake kit) for the 2022+ Honda Monkey

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About MNNTHBX Billet Mtake (Intake kit) for the 2022+ Honda Monkey
MNNTHBX Mtake (Intake kit) for the 2022+ Honda Monkey The new 5 speed Monkey engine is extremely tight on intake space, and nearly impossible to get more traditional intake designs out of. For this reason, we switched to a full 6061 billet aluminum design. It allowed us to design some smart performance features into the runner. The tool path step-over is large internally, for some flow straitening help. The inlet under the filter is tapered for smooth air transition. At the throttle body, our intake runner ramps to the OEM throttle body keyhole shape, smoothing flow and increasing velocity when compared to normal tube or pipe style designs. Choose your filter style, available in our MNNTHBX black round filter, or up the style with the optional colored DNA filters (same performance either way). One huge advantage of the over-the-top design, as it avoids placing the intake runner out beside the hot exhaust header like most others. Unlike other intakes, we design our units to purposely eliminate the AT sensor and crank vent return from the intake runner to streamline flow and increase performance. The AT sensor now mounts in an accurate and protected location on top of the intake runner, and a Uni crankcase filter is included to routes that return away from the intake. What are the drawbacks of this design? Cost is one. We've got this priced as low as is possible, but there's no escaping the fact that 3D milling on large pieces of billet runs the price up compared to our other intakes. It is what it is in that regard... Also, while it required no modification or special tools to install, it will require a friend and some patience. We had to use every last bit of space, so everything is a bit tedious to get to for the fat fingered set. Price starts at $225 for the MNNTHBX round filter and $265 for oval coloured DNA filters. Optional prefilters are available for those who plan to ride in extra wet or messy conditions... Scroll down to watch an install video.
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Outerwears Pre Filters
Outerwears Pre Filter

12 reviews for MNNTHBX Billet Mtake (Intake kit) for the 2022+ Honda Monkey

  • David c Anderson (verified owner)

    I know they did the best they could, with what they had to work with. Install is a bear, but again, no fault of the mnnthbx group. Took approx 60 min one person, 3 beers in. Got it all buttoned up, fired off, bike is definitely getting more air, even at idle. Had to retune the aracer, went for a ride. It makes more power up top, and pulls to about 8400rpms VS petering off at 7900 or so. Unsure if this is from the intake length. Plus it looks 100x better. Will update after the cam and piston this week.

  • Victor Ray

    With the assistance from all the guys at MNNTHBX Just got to ride my 2022 Honda Monkey. Having ridden the bike about 80 miles prior to putting their special intake combined with A Yoshamura exhaust and one of their custom EFI flash. The bike has been transported to a little beast. Great job guys for creating awesome products that really improve performance. Still not using up all of the new 5 speed looks like the cam and high compression piston will be next.

  • Rick Barclay (verified owner)

    Quality product. But, installation was a nightmare. Actually had a friend that was a Honda mechanic stop by and assist. After two hours, we gave up. Purchased a different intake from Steady for $100. Installation took 20 minutes and I like the looks better.

    • kevin estep

      Rick, sounds like you didn’t watch the instructional video. This is a 20 minute job with a friend. Sorry you struggled.

  • Jim Brandt (verified owner)

    The MNNTBX intake is a bit tight but (watch the install video first) well worth a little patience and maybe a skinned knuckle! Just add the exhaust pipe of your choice and the DHM cam with Re-Flash and you have a real (WILD MONKEY) on your hands. It’s the best investment you can do, the best part is the CUSTOMER SERVICE being you are able to speak to someone like Zack or Kevin. Thanks guys!

  • Patrick (verified owner)

    Its ok but the engineering could be way better. The o-ring seal is a nightmare, finally got mad and put it in the mill and put a groove so the o-ring would stay put. The inlet could be longer and index off the throttlebody(like the OEM). And the 2 halfs could fit together allot better, I had to plane mine down flat just so they would fit together without any more air leaks then 2 sort-of flat surfaces can have. Would’ve been nice if they had a groove or step that fit together.

    • kevin estep

      Patrick sorry you struggled, but it sounds like you didn’t watch the instructional video. There is NO reason to modify anything whatsoever, and each of your points is actually accounted for in the design. The keyway for the O-ring is on the throttle body itself, and retains the ring perfect when installed per the instruction. The inlet is an optimal tuned length per performance. The assembly gets indexed and located by the bracket to frame, when assembled per the instructions. Both halves are extremely flat and straight, and mate together perfectly, again when following the instructions. I wish you would have contacted us for help before taking. the long way around. Regardless, hopefully you’re enjoying the power now that it’s all said and done….

  • Travis

    Don’t let any install horror stories scare you away. I completed this in one hour by myself while making a couple of mistakes. Be patient and you’ll be done before you know it. Another set of hands would have helped, but only really for the part where you are sealing the o-ring / assembling the intake. The hardest part is probably installing the sensor. Again, just be patient and methodical. Two things that slowed me down and made it take longer:

    1) The first time I assembled it and sealed the o-ring onto the throttle body, I wasn’t actually sure how far onto the throttle body was all the way on the throttle body. While I couldn’t see the o-ring (which was a good thing), I wasn’t sure it was really seated all the way. I disassembled it and took out one of the halves, allowing me to see when it was fully seated and what it looks like externally when it is fully seated. I reassembled with this new perspective and was able to ensure that it was fully seated. This helped me later too when mounting it to the frame to ensure that it was still fully seated after some wiggling to make it all come together.

    2) The video notes that the sensor cable should be above the intake and between the frame ears. The problem is that you need to know this and prepare for this before you actually assemble the intake. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fit the cable in (or at least I couldn’t). So I had to disassemble again, put the sensor cable in the right spot, and reassemble. I had watched the video multiple times before hand, but in the moment while I was following the video step by step, I failed to make sure it was in the right place before assembly.

    Hope this helps someone else. Thank you MNNTHBX!

  • Joel

    I’m wondering when I’ll be getting this intake since it’s back in stock *just curious and not in a big hurry since the dhm cam & reflash is still on back order. PS thanks for the great products you offer.

    • Kevin Estep

      Shoot us an email, and we’ll dig into it for you.

  • jason zaffuto

    Watched the video and did by myself in an hour and a half. I can see how people have problems if they didn’t watch. Nice quality and works perfect. If I could go back and choose between this and the easier ones to install I’d still purchase this one. If you’re afraid of the install, man up and get this one. We all should challenge ourselves once in a while.

  • Joel (verified owner)

    I love the look haven’t been able to take it out on the street yet but I just wanted to give some notes on how I completed the installation. First off I watched the video and the tape on the aluminum housing was great advice. After seating the O ring and both sides of the aluminum housing then tightening the 3 connecting bolts I found that I had to connect the air temp sensor to the electrical connection (placed between the bolt holes above the intake aluminum housing before running the sensor through the bracket but not attaching it yet. I then attached the bracket to the aluminum housing, then attached the connected sensor to the bracket, finally attaching the bracket to the monkey frame. I couldn’t make it work in any other order as it is a very tight fit, but I got there and it didn’t take much more than an hour and a half. Anyway maybe this will help someone else, maybe not. I’m impressed with the precision in the design and manufacturing can’t wait to experience the performance!

  • james.springer (verified owner)

    It was a real pain to install, maybe my fault since I did it so late and had limited light. I did cut a groove in the O2 sensor plate for an easier install. Looks great and very high quality.

  • Matthew Yusko (verified owner)

    It is a pain to install, but not bad. I initially gave a bad rating because I also had some hardware strip out, but I cut it off and bought new. It is working well. So my first review wasn’t fair.

    Install advice. Watch video. Install the metal bracket for the air temp sensor. Use blue thread lock and install both screws(one to each half). Remove completely the 3 screws that hold the intake haves together. Pull the halves open a little bit before installing bending the air temp bracket. You can bend it pretty far to keep space between the halves. This will allow you to easily slide over the o ring you put on the throttle body. It’s also a snap to switch if you completely remove the throttle body, but watch so you don’t pinch or roll the o rings in the insulator betwixt the throttle body and head. Also make sure you keep the air temp plug between the tabs like the video shows.

  • William D Winslow (verified owner)

    Installation was definitely a challenge but I managed to get it done.. probably in like 2 hours.. Taking my time and getting the runner in there was fun.. Screw clamp on the OEM air box tube was so tight it stripped out.. Spend time on this before it came off.. Ran the gas tank vent line towards the back down by the tire. Ran the crankcase breather with UNI filter under the gas tank.. Definitely runs better now and got the Dhn ECU installed after my tune.. Thanks Mnnthbx for sure awesome products.

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