Malossi Variator kit for Honda Navi

About Malossi Variator kit for Honda Navi
Malossi variator kits for your Honda Navi ! PROVEN mph and acceleration gain, also comes with contra spring
Malossi Variator for Honda Navi 110. Includes the two screws you need to put it on a Honda Navi and make it work.
MALOSSI is the best that the scooter tuning market currently has to offer in the area of engine tuning. Malossi's experience on the race circuits flows directly into the development of their products and it shows. This means that in addition to racing enthusiasts, everyday Scooter riders can now access and benefit from these high end products.
Malossi has put a lot of research and development in the Multivar variator kits. This resulted in a very improved operation as well as an optimized shifting. Equipped with the Multivar even standard engines gain an increased acceleration and top speed output.

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  • Cameron (verified owner)

    An upgrade that’s definitely worth the money and small amount of time to install!

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