Lightened Primary for Kawasaki Z125 Pro

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About Lightened Primary for Kawasaki Z125 Pro
Our lightened primary for the Kawasaki Z125 will greatly enhance throttle response and acceleration dramatically. Drop rotational mass from 2.4lbs to just .5lbs. Easy install under the clutch cover.

7 reviews for Lightened Primary for Kawasaki Z125 Pro

  • doroyce05 (verified owner)

    Well worth the price and work. This mod shaves off rotational mass on a motor that doesn’t have that much power, to begin with. The install is not that hard but an impact gun was really useful even if it is a weak one (over 100 lb/s) impact gun.

  • Justin (verified owner)

    Great value for better throttle response and a quicker acceleration through the mid range. Installation is a piece of cake. Get one. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Mike

    So happy products like these are available. Really love how snappy the throttle is and paired with the HD clutch, really changes the feel of this little bike.

  • Louis Journett III (verified owner)

    So happy with purchase. Fast and easy install. Added Hd clutch and made difference in responsiveness.

  • Matt (verified owner)

    Does exactly what others say it does. But it also has a 50/50 chance of making a whining sound like an old ford power steering pump. It’s loud. So loud you easily hear it over the hindle exhaust, which is obscenely loud. it also makes it very easy to stall the bike. Wish they made a middleweight primary. Between stock and this one. I can deal with the stalls since I know the bike, but I think I’m going to put the stock one back in. The sound is just too loud.

    • kevin estep

      You’ll adapt to the clutch work required in a very short time. The whining is personal to each owner, but most enjoy the sound. Regardless, hope your enjoy the added snap.

  • Craig Davies (verified owner)

    Everything feels lighter, engine doesn’t struggle to rev. No problem with stalling on take off. A bit of a whining noise a until break in with clutch gears but barely noticeable after 100 miles or so. Would recommend…

  • Joe (verified owner)

    Even though MNNTHBX has posted numerous times on forums/social media that they will buy this product back if you do not like it, that only works if you are a “specfic customer” as I was told. This lightened primary was a royal pain to get working properly. Installed no issues at all, but it was LOUD. Obnoxiously loud. If it performed well, then the noise was something I could live with. Totally made the bike sound like a hunk of junk and the tradeoff was not worth it to me (didn’t see a huge gain from it) After taking the clutch cover off numerous times to diagnose why the bike kept stalling and sounding like a tin can, buying 3 new clutch cover gaskets from my local kawi dealer in town, I threw in the OEM primary and EVERY problem went away. Bike runs smooth, shifts smooth and sounds like it is brand new again. You will be taking a gamble buying this, and if it does not work out, you will be out $67 because MNNTHBX will not give a refund like they have done for others in the past. Buyers beware of the product and company !!!

    • Kevin Estep

      Questions…. You stated we would buy it back, but never contacted us to see if we would buy it back…… You clearly stated it performed well. Was it loud? Yes it makes more noise, but most people enjoy that sound honestly. Why was the bike stalling? Because you eliminated the OEM flywheel…. It does take a bit of rider adjustment, but the rewards are worth the effort, as proven but hundreds of buyers. Contact us directly if you need a resolution, and we’ll be glad to help.

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