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90 Degree Valve Stem Pair (PRE ORDER)

About 90 Degree Valve Stem Pair (PRE ORDER)
These quality 90 degree stems make tire maintenance far easy in tight confines. Black & sold as a pair.

3 reviews for 90 Degree Valve Stem Pair (PRE ORDER)

  • R.Valdez (verified owner)

    Ordered these to replace the very flimsy leaking stock valve stems on my razkull. Could not be happier with the fit and overall finished look on the wheels.

  • Justin Markwalter (verified owner)

    Probably the best $10 i’ve spent on my Z when it comes to constantly checking my tire pressures.

  • Derek Barnes (verified owner)

    Great. Aluminum. I put a tiny bit of grease on the threads to prevent seizing. Even the valve cap is aluminum.

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