Forged Aluminum Shift lever for Honda Monkey

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About Forged Aluminum Shift lever for Honda Monkey
  • The TB Forged shifter for the Honda Grom will give a firm shift feel and add a bit of style to your Grom.
  • On the Grom and Monkey, it mounts directly on the shift shaft and removes the sloppy linkage system for smoother shifts.
  • Folding shift tip with knurled surface for better grip and will minimize impact or tip over damages.
  • It mounts with one bolt and you can easily adjust the angle.
  • Available with a Black or Red shift tip.

4 reviews for Forged Aluminum Shift lever for Honda Monkey

  • Dave

    I prefer the feel of this shifter when compared to the stock setup. No imprecise linkage in the system

  • Austin S (verified owner)

    Great Replacement for the stock shifter, and to get rid of the shifter linkage. also nice to be able to adjust the shifter angle.

  • john (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. Removing the linkage exposes the shift shaft to potential damage. Hopefully this cheap aluminum shifter will break before anything else 🙂 Makes shifting much cleaner and puts the shifter farther forward which is nice.

  • GODZILLA (verified owner)

    Nice solid feel, this gets rid of the play in the stock linkage.

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