Kawasaki Z125 Swingarm Stretch Extensions by MNNTHBX

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About Kawasaki Z125 Swingarm Stretch Extensions by MNNTHBX
Kawasaki Z125 Swingarm Stretch Extensions by MNNTHBX. 100% MADE IN THE USA.   Our stretch kit is all about form and function. We went the extra mile to provide a seamless package for the Z. We found the 4.5" design to increase stability without compromising agility, and is far more structurally secure than other "longer at all costs" designs. Traditional axle blocks allow for easy and precise adjustment. The shouldered design flows smoothly into the swingarm. Plug dowels provide security without any visible hardware. Hard anodized black. Includes all hardware. Can be used with stock length brake line by spinning front banjo fitting.

7 reviews for Kawasaki Z125 Swingarm Stretch Extensions by MNNTHBX

  • alex_silvia.s15 (verified owner)

    So beautiful and go quality

  • Mason G

    Length on these is 👍 however the ability to adjust the chain seems a bit compromised by the availability of certain 🔧 s

  • Cosme muniz

    Is a great product the bike look great good guality

  • Josh B. (verified owner)

    Really improves the look of the bike and this kit is so seamless looking! Knocked 1 star as I think it would be great to add some sort of instructions with the kit for people who are not familiar with bikes. The materials are good quality and well designed for sure.

  • david.sponseller (verified owner)

    Ok, first off, I’m 54 years old and have been riding since I was 6 and always wrench on my own bikes. I would never have thought that a mere 4.5 inches could’ve made such a huge difference. Before, the bike was agile, but was also like a butterfly in a tornado. Upon the first ride with the extensions, I noticed that the bike was more stable, cornered better, and could take a wind blast from a passing dump truck without the fear of ending up in the ditch. To sum it all up, you need this, and upon your first ride you’ll fall in love again with your little Z.

  • robert.santana

    Just installed my extensions this weekend. Right from the start i noticed a major difference in handling. It feels more agile and confident. Install was easy and fast took maybe 30 mins. Have a soft face hammer or thick towel as some banging is needed due to tight fit. I love the way the bike feels and looks.

  • Marcus (verified owner)

    Love it makea huge difference in the handling

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