Yoshimura Sequential LED Front Turn Signal Kit

About Yoshimura Sequential LED Front Turn Signal Kit


Building on the popularity of our LED Turn Signal Kits, Yoshimura now introduces sequential LED Turn Signal Kits.

Both front and rear sequential kits are two-wire configuration and can be mounted on most of today's motorcycles.

Signal mounting plates sold separately.

NEW Sequential Front Kit contains:

  • CE certified set of sequential two-wire LED lights with a clear lens, anodized black aluminum body in a rubber insulated mount to decrease vibration.


3 reviews for Yoshimura Sequential LED Front Turn Signal Kit

  • Mason G

    This was super easy to install and does require a relay to function at normal operating speed. In addition to this, the plug n play adapters and mnnthbx signal mounts will have your front end looking sharp in no time… Really like 1hour

  • Juner Base (verified owner)

    I love the yoshimura fender eliminator together with yoshimura front and rear sequential turn signal. Great fit and looking for my duke 390 2020. Easy to install (need some splicing of wire). Just buy an oem euro led turn signal relay to be plug and play (otherwise use the provided relay) and have a normal operating speed. Thank.s a lot for the great service.

  • Able Carrerow (verified owner)

    I love the way these look and function. I used two sets, one for front, one for rear. The only difference between this and the “rear” set is that the rear has a relay, and the plate brackets included. I am using the T-Rex fender eliminator, so I didn’t need the brackets and the relay is readily available. I did elect to use the Rizoma turn signal plate adapters to cover the small hole behind the signal mounting bolt hole. These are awesome and priced right as a set! Would recommend anyone get them for any bike!

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