Yoshimura Race Series RS-9T Slip On or Full System for 2022+ Honda Grom

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About Yoshimura Race Series RS-9T Slip On or Full System for 2022+ Honda Grom
Yoshimura RS-9T Slip On or Full System for the 2022+ Honda Grom
It's here - the third generation Honda Grom. Back in 2013, we couldn't wait for the OG model to arrive on US shores and the newest version has us with equal anticipation.
With more compression, a 5 speed gearbox and new styling, the latest generation Grom promises even more fun both on the street and at the racetrack...Yoshimura is ready.
For styling, power and clearance it's developed the renowned RS-9T to preform on the third gen Grom and the results are incredible as the new Grom responded like a champ. The Street Series Works Finish slip-on increases performance 11.1% max HP and 11.9% max torque! YEAH BABY!
Want more? The Race Series RS-9T full system adds a staggering 13.9% max HP increase and 14.3% increase in max torque. With performance like that it's safe to say the RS-9T will be on top of the track day podiums around the globe!
Yosh didn't stop there, they designed the RS-9T to offer more ground clearance and lean angle than the previous gen model. For the cherry on top they added a matte carbon fiber end cap and heat shield - Now your new Grom will love you forever!

5 reviews for Yoshimura Race Series RS-9T Slip On or Full System for 2022+ Honda Grom

  • Junius (verified owner)

    Well worth the money, the staff was friendly and quick to respond to questions (especially to Australia), quality build and finish, easy and straight forward installation, great sound

  • Ted (verified owner)

    This exhaust is worth the money. It sounds great! It adds power and it saves weight. The quality is second to none.

  • Las Vegas NV (verified owner)

    Ride a 2021 R1 Liter-bike but purchased a new 2022 Honda Grom 125 as a project bike and local streets toy. The Yoshimura RS-9T was one of the first mods added and it makes all the difference in performance and styling. “Get envious looks whenever bleeping the throttle slow-cruising thru the outside malls/restaurants areas in West Las Vegas!”

  • Loren (verified owner)

    This exhaust kit is amazing if you want better performance, but not an obnoxiously loud sound. It’s definitely gives a beefier, deeper and louder sound, but nothing overboard. Install was super easy and fast with just a basic socket set. Definitely order an exhaust pipe gasket when ordering this kit. I installed this on a new 2023 with less than 50 miles on it and found out that my Grom didn’t even have a gasket from the factory!

  • Chris Haver (verified owner)

    Looks good, sounds great, and was a breeze to install. The silencer is a little cocked, but maybe I tightened the front bolts too soon, not sure, and too lazy to try and fix it, still looks great!

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