Woodcraft Adjustable Rearsets complete kit for Aprilia RS 660 (PRE ORDER)

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About Woodcraft Adjustable Rearsets complete kit for Aprilia RS 660 (PRE ORDER)
Woodcraft Rearsets for Aprilia RS 660
  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and offer more than twice the durability of OEM rearset brackets.
  • 3-piece Pedals giving you an even stronger assembly and continuing our tradition of easy part replacement.
  • Our trick knurled footpegs give supreme feedback and the best traction available today.
  • Woodcraft rearset kits offer eccentric foot and toe pegs for adjustability (where applicable).
Kit Specific Details - the Woodcraft Rearset kit for the Aprilia has a special design that eliminates the need to ever remove the swingarm pivot to service this kit.  They have been proven winners in MotoAmerica competition and look fantastic on the bike. Shift Pattern: This complete rearset can be used in either STD or GP shift. Peg Movement:  This kit has eccentric pegs that have 12 positions of adjustment ranging from 1/4" lower than stock to over an inch higher than stock. OEM Parts: Woodcraft rearsets assume you are replacing the OEM rearsets.  This kit utilizes some OEM components - see exploded drawings for details. Brake Light Switch:  This kit does not have a solution for a brake light switch at present.  The standard hydraulic pressure switches from Woodcraft cannot be used. NOTE: The Aprilia quick shift sensor is directional, so it is not possible to simply flip the arm. Your Authorized Aprilia dealer will need to install software to allow these rearsets to be used in GP shift configuration.    


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