TB camshaft for Honda Grom and Honda Monkey 125

About TB camshaft for Honda Grom and Honda Monkey 125
A great, new performance camshaft designed for the Honda Grom. This can be used on either a stock bore motor or with the 186cc bore kit we offer! This is a NEW PART , NOT a RE-GRIND !! This cam has similar performance upgrade specifications to the DCR R2 cam but is less then a 1/4 of the price. Note: Factory decompression mechanism will not work with this aftermarket camshaft.

5 reviews for TB camshaft for Honda Grom and Honda Monkey 125

  • Kenny Branch

    huge improvement for a stock bike, even with no fuel programmer, just putting 93 octane and riding it with no other mod it was running 65 mph on flat ground avg 55-58.. not bad for no tuning.. will retune difflently can tell the power has shift higher up in rpm and this would be a cam i would suggest for stunter

  • Kyle Rauch (verified owner)

    Excellent cam. The bike really woke up after installing this cam. The lack of decompression mechanism did not alter start-up either. Defiantly recommend this cam to anyone looking for a boost of power.

  • Bud greener (verified owner)

    Great cam, bottom end lose some but 5-6k it wakes the bike up and keeps pulling.

  • Brian Philpot (verified owner)

    Excellent cam for the price, easy install. I would highly recommend if someone’s looking for mid to high RPMs and a stock bike great addition even if you’re running a flat top piston. Would recommend some type of fuel controller though

  • Luke (verified owner)

    This cam completely changed the way the monkey rides. It really wakes it up from mid to high range. And honestly just gives it more throttle response. I must have with this cam is the ECM flash. Can’t recommend this pair enough. My monkey feels like a completely different motorcycle now

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