Pair of Adjustable Preload Shocks for Honda Monkey 125

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About Pair of Adjustable Preload Shocks for Honda Monkey 125
Don’t let the low cost throw you off, these Monkey 125 shocks are a great improvement over the stock shocks.  They don’t bottom out as easily and you can adjust spring preload. Whether on the road or trails, you will feel the improvement over stock shocks – not too stiff and not too soft.  They are also another option to change the look of your Monkey. Available in either black or chrome. This rear shock set consists of the following features:
  • Your choice of chrome or black
  • Preload adjustments
  • Oil Damping
  • High quality surface finish

38 reviews for Pair of Adjustable Preload Shocks for Honda Monkey 125

  • Nick (verified owner)

    I just got these on after a quick ship, thanks for that. Huge improvement over stock, no bottoming out anymore. They look good too.

  • Kevin Appling (verified owner)

    Just installed on my 2021 Monkey. I weigh 255lbs. A huge improvement! However, there were no instructions. Which is the top? Which is the bottom? I put the side with adjustments on the bottom. Is that correct??? I saw 2 videos on Youtube that were installed same way, but I am being told they are on upside down by other people. Also, there was a bag of bushings that came with shocks but I didn’t need them as the bushing inside shock mount seemed to fit perfect. Looking for advice. Thanks

    • kevin estep

      They can be mounted in either direction, so there’s no wrong answer. TB supplies various bushings in the kit, most unused.

  • Mike Stumpf

    Seen some good reviews on YouTube

  • Mark Schroeder (verified owner)

    I haven’t installed yet because I had some questions so I called, Zack answered the phone and spent a good amount of time explaining in detail how install. He also answered other questions and offered guidance on some future purchases I wanted to make. I don’t about the rest of you guys, but I can’t remember the last time I called a company were an actual person answered the phone and seemed happy to help me out. I will be getting all my Monkey accessories from MNNTHBX from now on. Great job guys and thanks!

    • kevin estep

      And Zack’s the most hateful guy here…. Kidding. He’s great.


    240 lb rider. I like to do a lot of trails and no bottoming out. Stock shocks I had 2″ of dead load compression. Now I have about 1″. No more clunk. Best shock for the money. Fast shipping. Easy install. Now looking for comparable front shock upgrade. Maybe fluid swap? Thanks MNNTHBX

  • bkimmerly (verified owner)

    sag comparison with 2022 stock shock, no preload

  • brett (verified owner)

    Stronger springs then stock, but the ones I got have almost no damping and top out with a crash.
    I ordered better shocks.

    • kevin estep

      That’s not been the experience here, or of fellow reviewers. I wish you would have contacted us. These have proven to be the top of the “budget” shock food chain. We have several other higher end options.

  • tim.nurnberg (verified owner)

    Thank You! Great price point, super pair of shocks! I weigh in at 235 or so and didnt have to change or adjust in any way!

  • Jim Brandt (verified owner)

    Your correct don’t let the price fool you, I have spoken with Zack quite of few times(BIG HELP) on everything for my 2022 Honda Monkey. These shocks are the BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK, if your just having fun ripping around town or a little off road and you weigh 225 lbs. these are the shocks for you! You might add a little pre load to them if needed but they are much better than the factory ones by far. Thank You MNNTHBX, The best place for ALL your special upgrade stuff for your Honda Monkey!

  • chris.kerney (verified owner)

    Super easy to install and instantly felt more sturdy! Chrome looks really nice on the yellow Monkey!

  • steve gift

    These shocks are great. I was tempted to spend a lot more money, but I have no regrets buying these. The ride is better, and these shocks addressed the one thing that bugged me about the stock Monkey.

  • Mark Mahoney (verified owner)

    When they say “don’t let the price fool you”, they speaketh the truth! These shocks work perfectly, I honestly can’t see why anyone would spend the extra 700 bucks for the Ohlins when compared to these.

  • Peter Smart (verified owner)

    Got them ,installed them in 5 minutes I weigh in at 280 and these are really doing what they said they would! The price and quality is amazing,I can buy 5 pairs for the same money as the overpriced shocks.

  • Peter Smart (verified owner)

    Well worth the money!Im 280 and these made a big difference

  • marty.newman (verified owner)

    What an improvement! Simple to install and a great upgrade to the ride. I weigh 185 and the stock shocks were bottoming out often.

  • mid10josh

    Great shocks for the price. I can’t imagine spending 5-6x’s this price and expecting much better. Get these!

  • J. Ortega (verified owner)

    I’ve had these for about a month and they’re a great improvement for the bike. I’m a heavy rider & these have yet to bottom out. I ordered the chrome springs & was a little worried they might be “too flashy” but seeing them on the monkey they fit the style of the bike perfectly. Incredible value for the money.

  • Matt James (verified owner)

    As soon as I got my Monkey you realize that you need real shocks badly. I am 280 so I would bottom out easily. What these offer is a inexpensive solution that bolts up in 5 mins and offers adjustability. Buy with confience.

  • Per Harregaard (verified owner)

    Works like a charm! Better than stock with good, stable damping for a person like me, I’m only 73 kgs, but the ride is so nice now. Needed no adjustment.

  • AWE55 (verified owner)

    Performance at this price is almost unbelievable and unbeatable. Honestly, aside from the many reviews I had read and watched, you just have to try it and find out just how good these things work for a 230lbs guy on a money. Only wish they had a red spring version to maintain the OEM look.

  • Todd (verified owner)

    Why spend $800 on the fancy shocks? These are perfect. I weigh 165 and the stock shocks would bottom out. I installed these in 5 minutes. The ride is vastly improved.

  • Dan Matthews (verified owner)

    My new adjustable shocks have made a big difference on my 2019 Honda Monkey. Well worth the money. I am very pleased with the performance of this product for a heavier rider.

  • Kenny (verified owner)

    As many riders know, the stock shocks on the Honda monkey are quite a disappointment. And I am so glad that I got a set of these adjustable preload shocks from Man in the Box. Based on the low price, I was ready to be disappointed. But I could not be more thrilled with these new shocks. And they look really Sharp! Once again, Form and Function got a big boost. Do yourself a favor and get some of these shocks. You will not be disappointed!

  • Neil (verified owner)

    Excellent! I’m 200lbs, the stock shocks were comfy and soft, I felt I needed a little stiifer suspension, these are great! Easy install, great price also.

  • Seth Markowitz (verified owner)

    Perfectly happy with the purchase. Does a better job of holding my 200 pound butt.

  • Paris Pipkin (verified owner)

    Grabbed these for a ’23 Monkey. Wasn’t quite sure if they would do the job considering the price difference between these and the higher end shocks were astronomical. I have to say I’m more than happy with the quality of these shocks. Especially compared to the stock ones which would bottom out with me just sitting on the bike. I’m approximately 6’2″, 225 lbs and these do a great job! I wish they would have had a better selection of color options for the springs and the satin finish of the shocks don’t quite match anything on the bike but all in all a great product at a great price and of course Mnnthbx shipped them quickly and I had them on the bike the same day they arrived. So if you are like me and want good quality products at a reasonable price these are the shocks for you!

  • William Thomas (verified owner)

    Great shocks – huge step up from stock at a great price, makes the Monkey ideal for me (small) and my (also small) partner to ride together on the Monkey

  • Chris (verified owner)

    Wow. Just put these on, what a difference. Amazing for the price!

  • Shawn Kinder (verified owner)

    Awesome shocks and look great. Have them on both bikes. You will not find a better bang for your buck.

  • Michael A (verified owner)

    Great shocks for the price. Huge upgrade from the original shocks. Sits slightly higher and definitely handles much better now. I consider this a must upgrade given the ease of install and price.

  • james.springer (verified owner)

    A great improvement over stock and the price was very good.

  • Tim H (verified owner)

    Great upgrade for half the price I’m 220 pounds and it rides so much better. Took me 10 minutes to put them on highly recommend.

  • Jim (verified owner)

    I put these on my 2019 Honda Monkey in about 20 minutes about a month ago. Amazing difference and great price. I use the Monkey to go to one end of my farm to the other on gravel and dirt roads. At 225 lbs the difference is very noticeable. Would recommend.

  • nathan snowaert

    i weigh 270 and 6’2, these shocks are great a massive upgrade over the stock ones!dont waste your money on the olins

  • fmranzino48

    What a difference, changed the entire ride of the bike it’s night and day. Would highly recommend these. I can’t wait to get my front forks done to match.

  • K R (verified owner)

    I’m over 220 lbs, the new shocks do not bottom out on my 2019 Monkey. I recommend these to all the big boys out there. The chrome ones look great on the Red Monkey. Thanks, MNNTHBX

  • Tonebone (verified owner)

    Does exactly what I wanted them to do. I’m about 220 or so and do city riding. Can’t speak to longevity as I haven’t had them long.

  • Clayton (verified owner)

    240 lb rider. These shocks combined with 6.5nm fork springs make the monkey ride like it should; front and back suspension balance very well.👍

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