MNNTHBX Solid Bar Mounts for Honda Grom

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About MNNTHBX Solid Bar Mounts for Honda Grom
Replace the mushy factory rubber mounts in your Honda Grom top clamp with these 6061 aluminum bits for increased precision and steering feel. Replaces the factory rubber mounts. Package of 4. FOR THE STOCK HANDLEBAR CLAMP, YOU WILL USE THE M12 MOUNTS. FOR THE MNNTHBX HANDLEBAR CLAMP, YOU WILL USE THE M10 MOUNTS.

10 reviews for MNNTHBX Solid Bar Mounts for Honda Grom

  • Potalov (verified owner)

    its Perfect

  • Lindsey Butler (verified owner)

    Took all deflection out of handlebar. Now I don’t ever have to stop and straighten bars like I used to.

  • Moondogger (verified owner)

    I put these on when I mounted the Pro Taper big bar mounts. The M12 bolt size ones fit perfectly and now the bars are solid and remain so after a few hundred miles including off-road use. Highly recommended!

  • D-loc559

    Took all th slop out of the handlebars, makes the grom feel like a real bike..

  • CFaddict

    With Composimo bars I felt like the upper triple was flexing and bending, prior to installing these, I also had minimal front tire feedback in hard corners. Now the front feels solid, and I can dive into corners harder to where I know where the front tire is just starting to slide. Good inexpensive upgrade! TY!

  • Gator Stuntz (verified owner)

    Absolutely changed the feel of the bike. No more spongey play in the bars when I ride. Makes the bike so much more enjoyable to mess around with. Will recommend this to anybody who rides a grom

  • Dakota (verified owner)

    These and ProTaper bars, and you are crazy comfortable and the feel is way better than the sloppy rubber ones. Killer product

  • Christopher Campbell (verified owner)

    Great product. Make the bike feel tighter more comfortable.

  • Chris Jones (verified owner)

    This is my second Grom and I’ve ran these on both bikes. Completely changes the entire bike, Pro Taper bars and these mounts should be everyone’s very first upgrade to their Grom. They make a world of difference, makes the bike feel like a “real bike.” 10/10 great job guys

  • Tristan Womack (verified owner)

    A must have for Stunters, prevents handlebar deflection after a drop and steering is more direct.

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