Shinko SR428 Street 12" Tire

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About Shinko SR428 Street 12" Tire
With its versatile tread pattern, the Shinko 428 makes an ideal street tire or light duty off road riding. Perfect for any street bike with 12" tires.
  • Excellent traction in a variety of conditions
  • Nylon carcass
  • DOT approved

1 review for Shinko SR428 Street 12″ Tire

  • Derek Barnes

    Not so great. I bought one rear locally as a get me by. I thought it might be better than the oem IRC on my ‘22 Grom. Nope. Rear blocks are too “jiggly” the bike felt very wiggly in turns.
    Ordered a pair of Shinko 003’s from MNNTHBX much better now.
    And I have an emergency backup set.

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