Shinko Mobber Knobby 12" Tire

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About Shinko Mobber Knobby 12" Tire
THE NEW SHINKO MOBBER... The Shinko Mobber is the perfect tire for anyone riding a Honda Monkey, Grom or Kawasaki Z125 or any bike with 12" tires that wants to hit the trails. And with Shinko's soft compound the Mobber has unbelievable grip on the street.

5 reviews for Shinko Mobber Knobby 12″ Tire

  • Andrew (verified owner)

    Awesome knobbies – most agressive avail in stock sizing.
    Order. processed and shipped very promptly. Very happy to order from MNNTHBX, would recommend highly

  • David Jensen (verified owner)

    Surprisingly these didn’t feel worse on paved roads than the stock tires. The difference in trails is huge. Excellent tires for those who ride off-road .

  • Justin Hall

    Great looking and highly functional offroad. Makes riding in sand much easier.

  • Andrew (verified owner)

    I was fairly impressed with the performance of these tires. They ride smoother on the road than I thought they would, and the tires are awesome for trails, grass, sand, etc. Shipping was fast. I would highly recommend these tires to anyone with a Honda grom, or Honda monkey.

  • jeffrey

    I just received these in the mail for my 2021 Monkey. I didn’t pay any attention to the tire size on my bike. I ordered them and the size on my bike are 120/80/12 and 130/80/12. The new ones are 120/70/12 and 130/70/12 front/rear. That’s the only sizes mnnthbx offered in this style. The width is ok but they are a bit shorter. I think that’s gonna throw off my speed omiter. Not sure if I want to put these on. I’m already a fat mfr on a little bike to begin with. The smaller the bike the fatter I look riding it. FmL

    • kevin estep

      That’s the only size Shinko makes, and while the numbers are off on paper, it’s the most popular and effective tire for the Monkey application, because they simply work so well…. I’d give it a go. We’ve never had a single complaint on that tire after hundreds of sales.

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