Shinko Mobber Knobby 12" Tire

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About Shinko Mobber Knobby 12" Tire
THE SHINKO MOBBER... The Shinko Mobber is the perfect tire for anyone riding a Honda Monkey, Grom or Kawasaki Z125, TNT 135 or any bike with 12" tires that wants to hit the trails. The Shinko Mobber has amazing grip on the street also.

14 reviews for Shinko Mobber Knobby 12″ Tire

  • Andrew (verified owner)

    Awesome knobbies – most agressive avail in stock sizing.
    Order. processed and shipped very promptly. Very happy to order from MNNTHBX, would recommend highly

  • David Jensen (verified owner)

    Surprisingly these didn’t feel worse on paved roads than the stock tires. The difference in trails is huge. Excellent tires for those who ride off-road .

  • Justin Hall

    Great looking and highly functional offroad. Makes riding in sand much easier.

  • Andrew (verified owner)

    I was fairly impressed with the performance of these tires. They ride smoother on the road than I thought they would, and the tires are awesome for trails, grass, sand, etc. Shipping was fast. I would highly recommend these tires to anyone with a Honda grom, or Honda monkey.

  • jeffrey

    I just received these in the mail for my 2021 Monkey. I didn’t pay any attention to the tire size on my bike. I ordered them and the size on my bike are 120/80/12 and 130/80/12. The new ones are 120/70/12 and 130/70/12 front/rear. That’s the only sizes mnnthbx offered in this style. The width is ok but they are a bit shorter. I think that’s gonna throw off my speed omiter. Not sure if I want to put these on. I’m already a fat mfr on a little bike to begin with. The smaller the bike the fatter I look riding it. FmL

    • kevin estep

      That’s the only size Shinko makes, and while the numbers are off on paper, it’s the most popular and effective tire for the Monkey application, because they simply work so well…. I’d give it a go. We’ve never had a single complaint on that tire after hundreds of sales.

  • mid10josh

    Incredible tires! Completely changes the off road characteristics of the Monkey. Goes exactly where you want it, no matter how slick the ground. Road manners remain great, too! Tires are obviously a bit louder and viby at low speeds, but clears up once you get to about 30mph and up. HIGHLY recommend these tires (and of course MNNTHBX!).

  • Nat B

    Loving these for off-road riding! Handles great on pavement too.

  • Brian Henderson (verified owner)

    Awesome tires, incredible customer service

  • brett j gazdzinski (verified owner)

    Only good for the dirt, these tires are very heavy and blunt the performance of the Monkey, they do not help much in the dirt, and feel very bad on the street, like the bike is going to fall over, like the tire shape was a V.
    They do help on braking in the dirt, you get a bit more traction but the Monkey still sucks in loose stuff/sand.
    I also lost about 5 mph top speed, took the tires off after a few rides as not worth the downsides.

    • kevin estep

      We appreciate the feedback. Clearly, they’re not beneficial on the street, but I’m shocked at your findings, as this is by far the best performing and most popular tire for off-pavement use.

  • Jon B. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend using the large rear, and smaller front for these tires. I have a large wheel for the back and the front and the handling feels squishy and less grippy. It makes sense as there is more surface area per weight in the front. I have since ordered the correct size for the front. Otherwise the tires look good and grip well.

  • Matt Smith (verified owner)

    Great tire and price. Really can’t go wrong with them. They do make a little noise but I’ll take the gain of traction over noise.

  • GODZILLA (verified owner)

    Can’t complain about off road use. Super secure off road.
    Not too bad as a 35 to 40 % street tire. They are ok on road, and I’m not super concerned about the lack of paved road traction.
    I did not think they would be my first choice at the Tail of the Dragon, but that did not stop me!
    I still did it, all be it much slower 🙂 Also ran the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall. Just get out and ride!

  • Raleigh (verified owner)

    (Edited) Ordered Friday morning, at my door Wednesday afternoon. All the reviews about these were dead on; these are great! If you plan to off-road on your Honda Monkey, these are the first modification you should make. There is VERY little difference riding on paved roads from the stock tires. The grip is such an incredible difference on dirt. Though not perfect in deep sand, they still out-perform the factory tires. Also, they’re head-turners. These are a must-have for the Honda Monkey.

  • Jim (verified owner)

    Awesome tires for my Honda Monkey! Some vibrations on the road at slow speeds up to about 10mph but they smooth out above that. Great on dirt and gravel roads. Fast shipping, would definitely buy them again!

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