Phone & Camera Mount Ball M10

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About Phone & Camera Mount Ball M10
This Ram mount ball is perfect for stock Kawasaki Z125, Honda Grom, Honda Monkey and Kymco Spade mirror locations. Allows you to cleanly mount your phone or Go Pro with separately available accessories.

3 reviews for Phone & Camera Mount Ball M10

  • Pete (verified owner)

    This mount is simple and works perfectly. It screws right into the hole for the mirror mount on my Z125. It puts the Ram Mount in a great area for use ergonomically. Definitely a great mounting point if you are not using the stock mirror mount holes.

  • Raydon (verified owner)

    First of all from my experience anything made from MNNTHBX is legit. Down to this M10 ball. I have bar end mirrors so this went right into the hole. I’ve been ordering parts since I had a ruckus. I now have a Grom. Keep up the great products and tech help. Mahaloz Greg!

  • Matthew Smith (verified owner)

    A must have! Quality stuff and it’s nice to be able to watch my Aracer app.

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