MNNTHBX PegLegs for Honda Ruckus

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About MNNTHBX PegLegs for Honda Ruckus
MNNTHBX PegLegs for Honda Ruckus
No other forward peg option on the market comes close to the spread out ergos of the PegLeg. This clean design keeps the weight low, the pegs forward, and the floorboard clean. Powdered Eco black, and includes stainless hardware (PEGS SOLD SEPARATELY). Mark Forged Carbon printed spacers are available for those running stock floorboards. Cleanest design for the Honda Ruckus.
Installation instructions linked below
PegLeg Installation

2 reviews for MNNTHBX PegLegs for Honda Ruckus

  • Chad Peterson (verified owner)

    Much more comfortable if you’re above 6’. I didn’t get the spacer so my foot placement is a little cramped but it’s not that bad. Only down side is if you take a sharp turn the pegs will scrape the ground but apart from that they are great.

  • David (verified owner)

    I takes a little work to put them on, since I kept the plastics (floor board) on the Ruckus and not stripped down, I bought the set with the peg extensions and it is awesome, crazy solid. Now its way more fun and comfortable to ride. I’m 5’10” on a stock Ruckus.
    I would attach some pictures, but I don’t see a spot for that.

    Good stuff

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