OTB Chain Adjusters for Kawasaki Z125

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About OTB Chain Adjusters for Kawasaki Z125
OTB Chain Adjusters for Kawasaki Z125 .It just works. Crazy easy chain adjustments. Never fight the stock adjusters again. They WILL NOT fall out during wheel removals, etc.. Add OTB spools for track stand functionality.

4 reviews for OTB Chain Adjusters for Kawasaki Z125

  • Justin Markwalter (verified owner)

    How in the hell did I go so long without owning this. If you are the guy that likes to burn through tires or just the dude that is constantly adjusting your chain…. BUY THESE! THEY WILL BE YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND!

  • ddensonsms (verified owner)

    I had to sand down the chain side axle carrier a bit. The brake side easily slipped right into the swing arm. Really solid design. Nice to have spools too.

  • Pete (verified owner)

    After having to constantly adjust the poor quality stock chain so frequently with the horrible stock adjusters. I decided it was time to change both. These adjusters are so much more precise than the stock adjusters and will stay in place when removing the rear wheel. This is nice when not only adjusting the chain but also when removing the rear wheel for tire and sprocket changes. Its also nice to have swingarm spools to have the motorcycle more secure on the rear stand. If you work on your own motorcycle, these are a worthwhile upgrade.

  • Steve (verified owner)

    I think the function of these chain adjusters is 5/5 , however I have to say, these things weigh a ton for what they are. These have more structural support than the swingarm itself, and when the bike is so underpowered, ever pound of weight matters.

    While not a deal killer, just my feedback on an otherwise useful product.

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