OTB Chain Adjusters Honda Grom

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About OTB Chain Adjusters Honda Grom
It just works. Crazy easy chain adjustments for your Honda Grom. Never fight the stock adjusters again. These WILL NOT fall out during wheel removals, etc.. Add OTB swingarm spools so you can use a rear swingarm stand.

7 reviews for OTB Chain Adjusters Honda Grom

  • Kev Smith (verified owner)

    Top piece of kit. Super easy to install, looks amazing and makes chain adjustment accurate and hassle free. Recommended for any Grom owner.

  • John James (verified owner)

    installed quickly even with out a stand or table well made upgrade.

  • ADRIAN CHAVARRIA (verified owner)

    quality : perfect- fit and finish, functionality: superior than stock in all ways. A necessity for all GROM owners. greatly eases chain adjustment and chain/ wheel cleaning. Plus added benefit of using a motorcycle stand for long term storage- another MNNTHBX gem, its a no brainer- BUY THIS!

  • Blaine (verified owner)

    I didn’t know these would be so easy to install and work so well it’s almost unimaginable. Well they did it these are well worth the money if you can swing it. I put these on my 2015 Grom and they are super nice. They work so well, so smooth I forgot how bad the stock ones are. The spools are nice too. I bought a stand from Harbor Freight and it works great with your product. Kudos to you! Highly recommendable

  • Forrest Botdorf

    To clarify I am still trying to order. Your website is not very clear, please specify if the “chain adjusters” for $133 is just 1 adjuster or is it a pack of two for $133? 133 seems fair for 2 but if it’s just one 266 is a lot for chain adjusters. Other people I have talked to are also confused if this is a pack of two adjusters or just one. Please clarify so people know. Thank you.

    • kevin estep

      We’ve never heard this question. Everything on our site is for the required amount for a bike, in this case two. No different than pegs, grips, etc….

  • Cheyne Norman (verified owner)

    So I got these and recently got the TST ones. Now I haven’t ran the TSTs yet and the quality looks good but I have a strong feeling I’ll be selling my TSTs for another set of these

  • Thomas Lampada (verified owner)

    Much easier to use and nicer looking than the stock adjusters.

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