MNNTHBX Oil Cap for Honda

About MNNTHBX Oil Cap for Honda
Add some flavor of your choice to your Honda Grom or Honda Ruckus engine. This 6061 cap holds any bottle cap.
Reuses the o-ring off your original oil cap.

6 reviews for MNNTHBX Oil Cap for Honda

  • Cameron Fielder (verified owner)

    I love this cap. It allowed me to put a little of myself on my bike when I was able to put a Mountain Dew bottle cap on my oil cap. And MNNTHBX always has fast shipping.

  • mark clemmons (verified owner)

    This think is so cool you guys have some really cool products

  • Kyle Galloway

    Super cool touch after putting on my GP exhaust. Threw an Asahi bottle cap on there to keep it “JDM”. This company has some really nice products!

  • Tom Duran (verified owner)

    So bummed to write this review, but its important to pass my experience on to other potential riders. I waited almost 4 weeks for this to deliver (ordered 9/16, received 10/15). Installed it, and went for a big group ride. a few miles into the ride I noticed that my bike was smoking- because the cap unscrewed and fell off. I was spewing oil everywhere, 25 miles away from home.

    • kevin estep

      I hate to hear that, but that’s honestly not a function or reflection of the product. You have to tighten it up, no different from any oil cap. With 1000 sold, this is the first time we’ve ever heard this. If you’ll cover shipping, we’ll send you a free replacement, but put your stock o-ring on it, and tighten it up before you ride.

  • Jesse nunez (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product!!
    Uses the original O-Ring and tightens up just fine. it does heat up quite a bit but I haven’t had it loosen up or had any caps fall off yet.

  • Patryk Rentowski (verified owner)

    Awwwsum Oil Cap fits perfectly!!!

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