FDK 112 Ohlins Fork drop in kit for Honda Monkey 125

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About FDK 112 Ohlins Fork drop in kit for Honda Monkey 125

FDK 112 Ohlins Cartridge Kit Honda Monkey 125

  The Ohlins Cartridge Kit was developed specifically for the fun and agile Honda Monkey. Unlike the OEM forks, which feature no means of adjustment, this kit offers separate compression and rebound adjusters. This allows the rider to fine tune their forks to their riding style and/or road variations. All components of the are precision CNC-machined just like Ohlins’ race grade suspension. Included are two pairs of springs that were specifically chosen to improve feedback, cornering and braking. We sell the Ohlins fork oil & install tool separately. One bottle of fork oil is enough to do the job.


  • Developed specifically for the Honda Monkey
  • Includes two pairs of springs
    • 5.5 N/mm for riders weighing below 176 lbs
    • 6.0 N/mm for riders weighing above 176 lbs
  • Two-way adjustable (compression and rebound)
  • Improvement in front end suspension feel and performance
  • Reduced suspension bottoming
  • Precision CNC-machined components
  • Hard anodized
  • Performance rate springs
  • Serviceable and repairable

5 reviews for FDK 112 Ohlins Fork drop in kit for Honda Monkey 125

  • David Jensen

    This kit does not offer user adjustments. What it does do is one fork is rebound and the other is dampening, The springs got rid of how easy it use to bottom out but the dampening got rid of the pogo stick feel. I highly recommend these over just doing stiffer springs

  • Peter LaBarre

    These are a must!! They cost a bit, but are well worth it. Not to hard to install. I did in small shed/ garage. The ride difference is amazing. Sistered with Ohlins rear shocks. I weigh 200lbs and this is a huge difference.

  • Austen Womack

    Im 260#. Doesn’t bottom out anymore and ride has improved greatly over rocks and sand. Use my monkey to run my dog twice a day on my 70 acres.

  • jason zaffuto (verified owner)

    This with paired the olhins rears for +200 riders is the best upgrade. It went from feeling like a toy to feeling like an actual motorcycle.

  • Endre Aas (verified owner)

    This installation totally transform the little monkey. No more head diving while breaking, and as a bonus it added a tiny higher front. So nice!

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