Navi Carbon Fiber Brake Lever Set

About Navi Carbon Fiber Brake Lever Set
Our brake levers for the Honda Navi are MarkForge printed in carbon fiber. The right side lever is 1.5" shorter than the stock lever and more ergonomically correct. The left side parking brake is extended, offering actual brake function, and being ergo friendly. Comes with left & right side levers.

2 reviews for Navi Carbon Fiber Brake Lever Set

  • Vince C. (verified owner)

    Honda should’ve made them like this from the factory. The Left replaces the USELESS parking brake lever and retains the parking brake feature, and the profile for the pair is just more natural. Awesome upgrade for the Navi.

  • Ray (verified owner)

    Thought the left side brake lever would be easier to use, what I mean is useable during riding and it’s not! Other than that they are ok feels like plastic too.

    • kevin estep

      Sounds like you need to adjust your cable at the rear wheel, as that lever is extremely usable during riding. Contact us if you need any help.


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