MNNTHBX V3 Mtake (Intake) for 2022+ Honda Grom

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About MNNTHBX V3 Mtake (Intake) for 2022+ Honda Grom
The MNNTHBX intake started from scratch with the goal of perfect fitment and performance on the all new 2022+ Honda Grom. Includes tuned length silicone intake runner, DNA high performance filter (multiple colour end cap options), Uni crankcase filter, extended crankcase vent line, extended air temp sensor jumper, bracket, and all hardware. All colours of the filter end caps are leather, except the black and it is rubber. Optional Outwears pre-filters available. Intake designed for the 2022+ US models. INTAKE WILL NOT WORK ON BIKES WITH ABS.
  • The purchaser of any motorcycle part or parts releases MNNTHBX LLC from all liabilities pertaining to use of those products. The purchaser acknowledges that any modification of a Motorcycle Intake or exhaust system may render the motorcycle illegal for use on public roads and may violate state or Federal EPA statutes.

25 reviews for MNNTHBX V3 Mtake (Intake) for 2022+ Honda Grom

  • Luke Hansford (verified owner)

    Great quality of materials. No instructions but super easy to install. Doesn’t quite fit 100% on my Australian ABS model, the ABS/Brake booster is in the way. Still works as intended, just not pretty lol

    • kevin estep

      We’ve had a few customers report on the ABS model, our bracket is really close to the ABS module, but it cleared none the less. Email us some pics and we’ll try to help you out.

  • Christopher campbell (verified owner)

    Very nice. Well manufactured unit. Just wish it came with Instalation diagram. But with a little know how you can figure it out.

  • Sean Hi (verified owner)

    I agree with the above about the 2022 and module being in the way. I had to adjust my intake so that I can get the bracket and the air filter to fit, where on the non and model I think the intake fits perfectly

    • kevin estep

      Sean, while you need to slightly bend the ABS bracket a little on the ABS models, it’s pretty much a non-issue…

  • Matthew Smith (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly, super quality parts! Like others have stated there’s no instructions but a quick YouTube search or reviewing the picture on website and you’ll see there’s nothing to it! I went with a prefilter also for those rainy days.

  • Chris Coulbourne (verified owner)

    Works great and looks awesome on my 22

  • chase.crane (verified owner)

    Fast shipping – Fits right up. Compared side by side with another 2022 Grom on a chimera / MTake install. MTake is (in my opinion) the superior intake. Seems like they thought of everything…

  • Drew Oakes

    I bought 2022 grom 1,200kms with one of these installed. Its mpg/liters/100km doesnt function but it does seem to have a bit more pep then buddys brand new one with 700kms all stock.

  • Adam McGee (verified owner)

    Love this! Have to give a shout out @TTorres1183 for the tip to even look this direction and boy was I ever thankful! Best purchase for my grom super easy install. Love the stickers that were thrown in! Shout out @greg and the rest of the team @mnntbx! Glad to be a customer! Excited to get more stuff!

  • Alvino Jimenez (verified owner)

    Great product and its worth the money. You can hear and feel the difference this intake makes. I raced my friends grom which is pretty much stock except a front sprocket and I only have this intake. I out weigh him by 70lbs and I steadily just walked away from him each time. He has since ordered this intake too. Thanks for a great product.

  • Jason Huguet (verified owner)

    Great product, I would buy this again for sure.

  • Cheyne Norman (verified owner)

    Great product. Great quality. I have 2 nit-picks but as you can see I still gave 5 stars. 1 I didn’t like how close the first bend was to where you clamp on to the throttle body. If you don’t have it just right it seems like it wants to pop off. I made a little notch that let it slide on further by few mm and it seemed to make all the difference. The othernot pick and these are me being picky, it doesn’t fit with an oil cooler (Kitaco 5 row) without modification or a shorter filter. I few bends to the bracket of the intake and of the oil cooler and I managed to make the clearance needed (small spacer for oil cooler may have worked but I didn’thave any at this time). That being said, I would 100% recommend and buy again. Maybe we get a V4 in the future that allows mounting an oil cooler easier? Either way, solid product.

  • Michael Neuhaus (verified owner)

    Great product and fits the ABS Grom without problems… just slight adjustment to bracket that’s all. A+++

  • Noah (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this intake and MNNTHBX bought 2 one for mine and one for my wife’s grom. MNNTHBX is amazing and had quick response for any questions I had. Amazing product and company!!!!

  • Spencer Guignet (verified owner)

    Nice fit and function with this intake. Tucks nicely behind the fairing. Creates a nice sounds, but not too over powering. Noticeable gains used with my existing exhaust. Looking forward to installing a tuned ECU to tap the rest of the potential.

  • alain.nadeau (verified owner)

    I was able to install no problems on my abs grom

  • chase.newingham (verified owner)

    Love how well this is made! Did a lot of research and don’t want a filter just dangling off the side so ordered this one and glad I did. I was able to modify the bracket a little so I would still retain the shroud supports and work with my kitaco oil cooler. Highly recommend this intake

  • Ricky Ochoa (verified owner)

    I didn’t get this bracket ..
    I have to zip tie this little filter . ..
    that suxx

    • kevin estep

      I’m unsure what you’re saying… You ordered from someone else, and got a lesser kit, or you ordered from us, and were missing something. If the latter, please shoot us an email so we can get you taken care of….

  • Tyler Koontz (verified owner)

    High quality. Fast shipping and super easy install! Definitely would recommend this to anyone in need of an intake.

  • Luis Ramos (verified owner)

    Got one for my 2023 …
    Best Buy ever!!

  • roy.pitman (verified owner)

    I love this intake. It has the cleanest install and the filters placement is the best of any intake. And it made a great improvement in performance. Especially added with a aftermarket exhaust. MNNTHBX is the best company to get parts for your bike. My favorite hands down.

  • roy.pitman (verified owner)

    Best intake on the market in my opinion. The fit and finish is the best. You get all the hardware to make the intake look like it was factory. Install is easy after you get the stock air box removed. The intake arrived in 2 days. MNNTHBX shipping is one the best the is. I highly recommend this intake for both performance and appearance.

  • Brandon (verified owner)

    I honestly lost top speed with mnnthbx v3 intake. I dont think its the flashed ecu its the cold air intake. I ran the mnnthbx intake with cam and couldnt get it above 49mph. Removed the cold air intake put factory box on with cam. It seemed fine again. Put the yoshi loop exhaust on with baffle. With pipe and cam only i pulled 63mph top with no ecu flash! Added the cold air intake again and flashed dhm ecu and cant hold above 50-51. Im not a big fan of the cold air intake.

    • Kevin Estep

      You’ve clearly got something off. Perhaps the air temp sensor was left unconnected, or you’re on the incorrect map. I’m going to guess the map you used wasn’t for intake, exhaust, cam, as that combo flows a LOT more air and requires a lot more fuel. 2000+ of these intakes out in the world, and they’ve all made big improvements.

  • Arnold Smith (verified owner)

    Great looks and performance. I like the way it tucks in close to the fairing . Also easy to install which is good because it doesn’t have any instructions.

  • Sven (verified owner)

    Hi. I live in Norway and bought this together with a Ohlins kit.
    It looks like none of the current power commanders fit the european Groms, and there is no one who does ECU tune in Norway. Has anyone installed this without doing an ECU upgrade?

    • Kevin Estep

      You can run it on a stock tune. If combined with a good exhaust, we highly recommend getting a proper tune.

  • Jacks of Spade (verified owner)

    Love it! Looks good, feels good, and I got rid of the 5lb stock airbox

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