MNNTHBX V3 Mtake (Intake) for 2022+ Honda Grom (PRE ORDER)

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About MNNTHBX V3 Mtake (Intake) for 2022+ Honda Grom (PRE ORDER)
The MNNTHBX intake started from scratch with the goal of perfect fitment and performance on the all new 2022+ Honda Grom. Includes tuned length silicone intake runner, DNA high performance filter (multiple colour end cap options), Uni crankcase filter, extended crankcase vent line, extended air temp sensor jumper, bracket, and all hardware. Optional Outwears pre-filters available.

2 reviews for MNNTHBX V3 Mtake (Intake) for 2022+ Honda Grom (PRE ORDER)

  • Luke Hansford (verified owner)

    Great quality of materials. No instructions but super easy to install. Doesn’t quite fit 100% on my Australian ABS model, the ABS/Brake booster is in the way. Still works as intended, just not pretty lol

    • kevin estep

      We’ve had a few customers report on the ABS model, our bracket is really close to the ABS module, but it cleared none the less. Email us some pics and we’ll try to help you out.

  • Christopher campbell (verified owner)

    Very nice. Well manufactured unit. Just wish it came with Instalation diagram. But with a little know how you can figure it out.

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