MNNTHBX Swingarm Extensions for 2022+ Honda Grom

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About MNNTHBX Swingarm Extensions for 2022+ Honda Grom
The new 2022 Honda Grom has an all new swingarm, and we've made the perfect fitment kit for it. Testing showed to sweet spot for handling to be at 4.5". These are the only shoulder cut kits on the market, offering seamless looks. Traditional chain blocks make adjustment a breeze. (The MNNTHBX logo on the swing arm was just a sticker that we had on our bike, the swingarm extensions do not have any logo's on them) Note: Because of Honda's new swingarm, we utilized a stainless brake carrier block for strength and safety, instead of cheaper stamped or bent metal options. Can be run without a lowering link (slightly higher seat height) or utilized with our 2.5" drop link (slightly lower seat height). +5" rear brake lines available, however you can spin the front OEM banjo in pinch, and get by. Requires longer chain (all of our chain options are long enough for this task). *MADE IN THE USA*

2 reviews for MNNTHBX Swingarm Extensions for 2022+ Honda Grom

  • Mike Gutowski (verified owner)

    These things are legit! Look amazing and give it the right amount of stretch! I highly recommend, way nicer and beefier then the other brands!!

  • Kyle (verified owner)

    4 stars for slight false advertising because of product pictures- shown pictures without optional spools and no cutouts is not what you’ll get with the no spool option! You’ll receive extensions with cutouts for spools, just without the spools. It just doesn’t look as clean and seamless as pictured, kind of disappointing. 1 star for customer service as it’s non existent, no reply to my inquiry (if I was sent the correct product). I did notice the brake carrier block is narrower than stock, caliper barely rests on the ledge but it works. Install was simple/straightforward and still looks better than other extensions, imo, but still disappointing that pictures don’t reflect actual product and lack of customer service (couldn’t bother to reply). I turned the stock banjo bolt temporarily and it worked (have since installed core moto line +5”). I think I took 2 links from a 130 chain to fit and I choose not to use lowering links.

    • kevin estep

      Hate to hear you had any issues at all. I can say this as fact…. If you think our support is non existent, it sounds like our reply found your junk mail. I would put our response time up against anyones, in any industry. Also, we’re easy to reach by phone during business ours. Regardless of the cause, I can assure you if we received any correspondence, it was responded to with haste….

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