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MNNTHBX Mtake for the 2019-2021 Honda Monkey - Intake kit

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About MNNTHBX Mtake for the 2019-2021 Honda Monkey - Intake kit
** DOES NOT FIT THE 2022 HONDA MONKEY ** MNNTHBX intake kit for the 2019-2021 Honda Monkey 125 includes the MNNTHBX proprietary tuned length silicone intake runner, custom intake mounting bracket w/ integrated temp sensor mount, Uni filter crank case breather and a custom DNA filters in the color of your choice.


  • Special Leather Top with synthetic leather on the top side of each filter, heat embossed with our minimal D logo.
  • Different colored filters available to match your seat, jacket, boots or your mentality maybe?
  • As always with our extremely high filtering efficiency ( 2 ) at 98-99% complying with the ISO 5011 standards using our special 4 layers of DNA cotton.
  • Perfect fitting for + - 1mm of the named diameter of the filter. Covering more than 95% of the throttle bodies available in the market!
  • Rust free! All our clamps are made from marine grade stainless steel and also our wire-mesh is marine grade aluminum epoxy coated.
  • Each filter is handcrafted and produced with passion in the details in our new production line for medium batches of air filters. Not a massive production line with no attention on the details.
  • This DNA filter is designed as a High Flow Air Filter for: road & racing use.
Honda Monkey Z125 MNNTHBX Air Intake Install!

30 reviews for MNNTHBX Mtake for the 2019-2021 Honda Monkey – Intake kit

  • Scot (verified owner)

    Easy to install and gave a noticeable performance boost. Gives the monkey a very unique look. After fitting the intake I went back to a 15tooth front sprocket because it now uses 4th gear more effectively, rather than just an overdrive.

  • Joseph Miller (verified owner)

    This is the best upgrade for the money period. Definitely a boost in performance and sound. The quality is excellent and makes the bike look sportier . Great product.

  • Jim Burton (verified owner)

    Installed intake at the same time as the Yoshimura exhaust. The installation is straight forward and gives the bike a somewhat sporty look. This kit also comes with a crank case breather element. Nice bump in power combined with the exhaust upgrade. Be sure to get your bike tuned if doing both the intake and exhaust upgrades to realize the full potential.

  • Mark Rex

    Easy installation and much more appealing look compared to the original airbox (lunchbox). the noticeable improvement in power and top end was excellent.
    Will compliment a full yoshimura system and Bazzaz ZFi/AFM controller with the right mapping.

  • Alfredo

    Very good quality!!

  • Adam (verified owner)

    Took this 125 from zero to hero. High quality parts, easy install. Coupled with an exhaust it sounds absolutely amazing. This kit is super dope!

  • Dennis (verified owner)

    This is the first mod I did to the bike but I would bet this is the best bang for your buck. Huge difference in sound, cleans up the stock “lunch box” look, and I felt a substantial increase in power (I’m 180lbs). I ordered this before I bought the bike. Must have!!!

  • Suga Sean (verified owner)

    I was eager to pull the air box off soon as I purchased the monkey. Didn’t wait and purchased another brand. Needless to say. This is truly the best fit and install there is. Greg and the guys go above and beyond to make sure everything is first class. Do yourself a favor and purchase this right after you get the monkey. Huge improvement in performance.

  • Albert Diaz (verified owner)

    By far the best mod I have installed on my monkey. Together with the Yoshimura exhaust what a night and day difference. Up next is a cam and a tune and this this should roar for a 125. The intake was a breeze to install and gets rid of the huge factory intake box.

  • Martin Torres (verified owner)

    Easy to install, makes the bike look way slimmer with that big “lunchbox” down there!

  • Randy F Irish

    I like the quality overall but where’s the instructions? Sounds nice and I did notice a slight power increase. Looks goog.

    • kevin estep

      It’s pretty straight forward, and really needs no further explanation that the photos on the item page. That said, we’ve pretty much available 24/7 to happily provide specific customer support as needed.

  • Derek Lauro

    Great product, but taking off a star for zero instructions. Had a find a popular YouTube video of a guy who installed it improperly. It’s pretty easy to install, but removal of the stock airbox and routing of the breather lines is not very obvious. My kit had an extra hose clamp that I’m not sure what it went to, and was missing a plastic washer that didn’t seem like I needed anyways. This intake is amazing. It really makes the engine a lot louder. I was considering getting an exhaust, but thinking I don’t need it now. Makes a little more power in acceleration, and sounds mean. Was riding next to a kawasaki 650 twin with open exhaust and could still hear my monkey intake over it.

  • Dan Smith

    fairly straight-forward installation through following youtube video. it gives a louder sound, almost like a hollow echo.

  • Isaias

    fitment was great. all the parts included were quality. great little performance boost

  • John

    Was shipped out and arrived at a requested time frame. The fit and finish is super clean. Looks really good. Definitely louder than stock and definitely adds performance. Gets compliments all day:)

  • Connor Howard (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a mod that is a superb upgrade both aesthetically and in the sound of your Monkey… look no further. Must have!

  • Brando Nakamura (verified owner)

    Great performance boost, and the profile of my Monkey is so much better with the lunchbox on there! Love the more chunky sound on the bike now as well.

  • Jeff

    Looks great. Love the grey silicone. I know it’s self explanatory but the silicone hose has a slightly different bend on one end. Not sure if I got it on backwards?

    • kevin estep

      Reach out anytime with questions. If it aligns perfectly, you’ve got it in the correct orientation.

  • Mark Foht (verified owner)

    This intake is bad ass. Paired it with a full Yoshi and DHM flash and my Monkey is alive! Looks so much better than the factory lunch box. Love it!

  • Chris (verified owner)

    I did not like the like the look of the other intakes out there, and as soon as I saw this one I had to have it! Shipping was quicker than expected, and install was a breeze. The form fit silicone pipe is amazing, my only wish is that it came in black, otherwise it’s perfect. I have it paired up with a TB exhaust and a DHM tune. Now onto sprockets. Money well spent!

    *Run through ECU and TPS reset procedures after install. It was suggested to me, I did it, and DID feel a difference after 20 or so miles post reset.

  • tu.tran (verified owner)

    Good power gains for your monkey.

  • Glenn Miyoshi (verified owner)

    Great power gain and looks paired with a yosh exaust. This is the third item I’ve ordered from MNNTHBX quick shipping and quality products…

  • mid10josh

    If you haven’t heard of this intake for your Monkey, you’ve been under a rock. Such a great intake with a clean install.

  • Chip (verified owner)

    As seen in previous reviews, easy install and wow it really lets the monkey get the air it needs. Have done the trio, intake, ecu and exhaust. If you were on the fence hop on over it will put a even bigger smile on your face! MNNTHBX is has it all just a couple clicks away and thanks for awesome pack job on the parts.

  • pepper.bailey (verified owner)

    We purchased this MNNTHBX take to replace the stock box and you could tell and immediate difference. This upgrade was done with a re-flash of the engine control from CJR and performance from the take is as expected.

  • Riley (verified owner)

    This intake is awesome!! I did the Yoshimura RS3 full each exhaust and DHM stage 1 ECU and it gave my Honda Monkey night and day power this was a game changer you don’t need a sprocket update with these mods and the intake fits and looks great! I was able to hit 73 MPH and it now has good passing power all with the stock gearing so that is a true speed!! Customer service is awesome!!

  • Tommy Sanders (verified owner)

    Did everything I hoped it would do

  • Stephen Vorderbruggen (verified owner)

    Overall a easy install. Not noticeable increase in noise like some posting have said. Happy with it. Not significant change in power, but every little bit helps with this small of a bike.

  • John Hutson (verified owner)

    Really cleans up the front end when removing the original box filter. Easy install if you watch a five minute YouTube video. Highly recommend.

  • J Goode (verified owner)

    It’s a really well made system. If you are semi-mechanical and own a few tools, you can watch the instruction video and install this intake. It looks much better and added a little power…well worth the price.

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