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MNNTHBX Intake for the Honda Navi 110

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About MNNTHBX Intake for the Honda Navi 110

MNNTHBX Intake for the Honda Navi 110.

*** Includes your choice of either a Round MNNTHBX Silicone filter or  colored OVAL DNA Filter & powder coated bracket and stainless hardware.

Design your custom intake to fit your personal style.

DNA OVAL Filter Features

  • Special Leather Top with synthetic leather on the top side of each filter, heat embossed with our minimal D logo.
  • 8 different colors to match your seat, jacket, boots or your mentality maybe?
  • As always with our extremely high filtering efficiency ( 2 ) at 98-99% complying with the ISO 5011 standards using our special 4 layers of DNA cotton.
  • Perfect fitting for + - 1mm of the named diameter of the filter. Covering more than 95% of the throttle bodies available in the market!
  • Rust free! All our clamps are made from marine grade stainless steel and also our wire-mesh is marine grade aluminum epoxy coated.
  • Each filter is handcrafted and produced with passion in the details in our new production line for medium batches of air filters. Not a massive production line with no attention on the details.
  • This DNA filter is designed as a High Flow Air Filter for: road & racing use.

11 reviews for MNNTHBX Intake for the Honda Navi 110

  • luke.crowley (verified owner)

    Easy to install and looks great. Big induction noise and noticeable difference in exhaust note. All parts are well made. Bike looks so much better without the airbox and rear fender, can’t wait for an exhaust solution to finish it off. Going to have to play with the carb a little to see what kind of power gain I got.

  • Rafael T (verified owner)

    Love this air intake for my New 2022 Navi! Looks amazing! Great job Mnnthbx!

  • jason.english (verified owner)

    Ordered in early May, was on back-order. Once it shipped in early June, received in 2 days. Easy to install (I am a novice). Also order the intake access kit to get the crankcase breather. You will need it (I could not align the hoses because they were same diameter but bought a brass nipple ($3) to bridge the two).
    Noticeable difference in sound and performance for such a minor mod. You will get more acceleration and response now that it can breathe. Remove the rear fender and it really opens the back-end up. All hose clamps provided fit. This should be your 1st mod the the Navi.

  • Ivan gamino (verified owner)

    The intake is a awesome starter mod for the navi. I bought it for my wife and she loves it it was super easy to install and it changes the look and sound for the better. Shipping was on point did not have to wait long at all

  • Jason williams (verified owner)

    Looks good sounds good. Very simple I stall. Highly recommend 👌

  • Ray (verified owner)

    This was an easy installation. Looks and sounds great! I’m running a hotlaps exhaust too.

  • Harry (verified owner)

    MUST-HAVE UPGRADE! Great color options and solid build. I also removed the carb and installed the 38+90 jets, so the entire process took about 2-3 hours. Sounds great and breathes much better, it looks awesome too. Big thanks to MNNTHBX!

  • Matthew Waite (verified owner)

    Definitely get some more power with it immediately. You’ll need to adjust the bike a little afterward (turn your idle screw and what not). The one issue I had was fitting the conduit on the carburetor and fitting it on the filter. Mfer would NOT go on even after heating it. Took over an hour to fit it on, but now that it’s on it’s pretty awesome!

  • zaburton23 (verified owner)

    I love the look of this. Only problem I had was the included brackets were not large enough to fit over the bracket and intake runner, so I had to buy one.

    • Kevin Estep

      Shoot us an email on this please. You should have zero problems with the kit.

  • Zero Lee (verified owner)

    Works Great…Easy to install…Happy with it…

  • Harold Gomez

    Great mod option for my new toy 🧸 (Honda Navi 2023).

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