MNNTHBX Forged Shifter for Honda Monkey

About MNNTHBX Forged Shifter for Honda Monkey
All new MNNTHBX Forged Shift lever for the Honda Monkey  
  • Folding shift tip with knurled surface for a better grip while shifting.
  • This shifter is 1 inch longer than stock and it works better for folks with larger feet or if you wear riding boots.
  • Mounts directly on the shift shaft and eliminates the terrible factory linkage system for smoother & easier shifts.
  • The folding shift tip is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum
  • The lever arm is forged from 6061 billet aluminum.

3 reviews for MNNTHBX Forged Shifter for Honda Monkey

  • Kenny (verified owner)

    This is an upgrade with which I am quite pleased! I have bad feet and have to wear certain shoes with certain inserts, but the stock shifter on the Honda monkey would not accommodate my preferred footwear. But with my new shifter, that is no longer a problem. Plus, this new forged shifter is just so much better looking. So, this was a great Improvement in form and Function.

  • Craig Feldmann (verified owner)

    Ok ya this shifter works great if you have bigger feet or were boots also bought a shifter shaft bracket, not sure if they sell one here. Anyway it works great, thanks MNNTHBX

  • Vernon Heiskell (verified owner)

    Way better than the OEM it makes it 1 inch longer which means I can ride and shift with boots on. Takes all the play and sloppiness out. Makes Shifting quick and effortless. Great Accessory

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