MNNTHBX Forged Shifter for Honda Grom

About MNNTHBX Forged Shifter for Honda Grom
All new MNNTHBX Forged Shift lever for the Honda Grom.  
  • Folding shift tip with knurled surface for a better grip while shifting.
  • This shifter is 1 inch longer than stock and it works better for folks with larger feet or if you wear riding boots.
  • Mounts directly on the shift shaft and eliminates the terrible factory linkage system for smoother & easier shifts.
  • The folding shift tip is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum
  • The lever arm is forged from 6061 billet aluminum.

6 reviews for MNNTHBX Forged Shifter for Honda Grom

  • Greg Rutledge (verified owner)

    Seems to work great but still have trouble with N.

  • Larry J (verified owner)

    Perfect for my 2021 MSX!
    It fits with the Belly Pan and the Shaft support
    otherwise I was going to have to go with the Rose Joint method
    to get rid of the stock slop in the shift lever that came from the factory!
    I find that finding N. is easier if you just apply a slight tap down from 2nd gear……

  • roy.pitman (verified owner)

    This is a great shift lever. Especially over the stock one. Shift feel is more precise. No slop like factory.

  • Jonas B (verified owner)

    I use this shifter in combination with a shift shaft support bracket. The shifter play is completely gone, shifting is a lot smoother and it just feels so much better.

  • Kevin Johnson (verified owner)

    Must have upgrade, no more slop in the shifting feels 100% better than stock. Yes finding neutral is tricky, but the shifts are razor sharp and worth it. Get it, you won’t regret it!

  • William waller (verified owner)

    Good quality and I would use it with that optional shaft support, if grom owners would take their time and break it in right at they would get the same results as I did at about 260 mi mine started shifting smooth as butter easy to find neutral every time and that was 100% stock at the time. Honda engineers don’t recommend a 300 mi break in for no reason…

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