MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for Aprilia RS 660/Tuono 660

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About MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for Aprilia RS 660/Tuono 660
Aprilia RS 600 and Tuono 660 fender eliminator: No apologies for the price tag. We developed this kit to simply be the best and cleanest, and succeeded. The CNC delrin light weight base holds two Rizoma LED turnsignals, which we consider to be the highest end signals made. It incorporates a micro LED plate light, and includes all stainless hardware. The plate mount is 6061 billet aluminum, hard anodized black. Fully assembled, this tail is nearly unnoticeable on the bike, however in function, the forward swept plate is highly visible, and the signals are EXTREMELY bright. Note: While no modification is required to the bike, the kit will require final wiring once unpackaged. This is utilizing the included plug, and is a simple process, explained in the alternate product photos. Once complete, it's a plug and play affair. *MADE IN THE USA*    
RS660/Tuono 660

1 review for MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for Aprilia RS 660/Tuono 660

  • Darren Williams

    This product is amazing. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars, is due to not having any instructions. Especially when it comes to the wiring. It would have been nice if you guys would’ve at least put the wiring harness together.

    • kevin estep

      Wiring instructions are on the product page. We can’t assemble the harness prior to shipping, as we wouldn’t be able to ship the extremely expensive signals in their original protective factory packaging. Glad you like the end result. Enjoy that awesome bike!

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