MNNTHBX Bronze Swingarm Bushing Kit for Honda Grom / Monkey

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About MNNTHBX Bronze Swingarm Bushing Kit for Honda Grom / Monkey
Fits any year Honda Grom or Monkey. BY FAR the single largest improvement you can do to your Grom/Monkey suspension. Our exclusive swingarm bushing kit is a total transformation from the OEM vulcanized rubber solid pivot mounts. (If you've never felt the stock bushings with the shock off, you'd be amazed, as they SEVERELY restrict swingarm motion.) Constructed from stainless and bearing bronze, they're basically maintenance free and outlast your bike. Our optional install kit: If you're highly mechanical, and have access to plenty of appropriate equipment, you may be able to save a few bucks and get this kit installed. If not, buy the tool. It's designed specifically for the Grom & Monkey swingarms, and will save you more time, money, and anger than you know...      
How to install the MNNTHBX swingarm bushing kit

19 reviews for MNNTHBX Bronze Swingarm Bushing Kit for Honda Grom / Monkey

  • Jaume puig (verified owner)

    Finally an improvement to our swingarms!.
    Install is super easy with the tools provided. Definitely i give a 10

  • David Witkowski (verified owner)

    Huuge improvement over the stock bushings, bike feels much more solid. Very easy to install using the install kit, well worth the money and I highly recommend.

  • Dieseldelta (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quality of this kit. Install was straight forward with the installation kit. I will be ordering a second bushing kit for my wife’s Grom very soon. Huge improvement in the ride.

  • Kenny Branch (verified owner)

    Install was straight forward with the installation kit hardware, plan to order 2 more kits for my other Groms

  • Ben (verified owner)

    Nice upgrade. Frees up the swingarm big time. At #210 I am bottoming it out on the regular now, will have to upgrade my shock soon. The install tool is a must, makes for an easy job.

  • Clint Campbell

    Just installed this kit on my 2022 Grom. The bushings are great but buy the install tool. I made my own thinking I’d save money, the trial and error took forever. This would be a 40 minute job with the tool or a three hour job otherwise.

  • Evan Hresko (verified owner)

    Got almost everything together and one of the brass parts does not go back in to the swing arm. Don’t waste your money on the tool or bushings huge waste of time

    • kevin estep

      Evan, I wish you would have contacted us if you needed help. Sounds like you’ve damaged something or not installed per the instructional video. I say that because the bronze actually ships to the customer inside the steel sleeve (and fits loose), so it clearly fits. We normally don’t debate product reviews, as they’re opinions, and valuable regardless if they’re good or bad, but… This is one of our top selling products, sold by the hundreds, fits without any modification, makes a bigger impact on the bike than a new shock, and is HIGHLY regarded by pretty much everyone for good reason.

  • Jesse nunez (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product to add to your stock swing arm!! I didn’t realize how bad the stock bushings were restricting the suspension until I installed the brass ones. 100% best way to get the most out of your upgraded suspension. I immediately felt the feed back on my racing bros suspension. The kit they sell is super easy to use and is worth the buy. Took me about an 1hr to install. Very happy!

  • Kristopher Groves (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend getting these bushings. Made the rear suspension much much better. Make sure to buy the install tool as well to make installing it a breeze.

  • Vincent Mycoee (verified owner)

    Bronze swingarm bus kit fitted easly as per video. On my 2016 Australian Grom there was about a 1mm clearence between frame and inner swingarm bronze bushes (yes SS sleeve seated against outer swingarm faces). Some shiming wasers would be nice to rectify this. Once swingarm bolt is tentioned to 40ft/lb the arm has some movement but I would not call this free movment.
    Over all, lots of grease and some siming wasers with the original bushes would be just as good as these bronze buses.

    • kevin estep

      You can use the OEM washers for spacing as needed. I’m confident once you ride it, you’ll indeed find it to be free suspension action.

  • Patrick (verified owner)

    These things are sweet and went in super easy. I didn’t go with the install kit cause I’m cheap but it would have made the process a little less time consuming. Anyway, it’s possible to do without it with a little know how but if you got the money, I’d say get the kit. As far are the bearings, beautifully made. Just remember to lube them up and keep them in the freezer before install.

  • Kyle (verified owner)

    Installed these when I did my extension kit and with the added tool kit, install was a breeze (anti-seize on threads as mentioned). I didn’t do any comparison test with the stock but I’m sure it’s better/smoother with the free motion. Installed swingarm with dhm titanium bolt and paired with rb shicane edge adjustable shock for greatest improvement.

  • Vlad z (verified owner)

    Wonderful product and great update to my 22 grom suspension, even though the product wasn’t in stock Greg made sure to make one and send it out asap. Installation was very straight forward so I didn’t order the kit thats offered. Overall a great upgrade to the original rubber bushings that had 0 room for travel.
    Make sure to grease the bushings before installing Or you’ll develop a squeak over time. I didn’t see that in the instructions but was able to grease them after the fact.

  • Oliver Collett-Jobey (verified owner)

    These are well worth the money, they are beautifully made, fitting is very easy and they turn a mini bike into a tiny motorbike. The back end of the monkey feels more exact on the road.
    Buy them today!

  • Jaymi (verified owner)

    Bought the whole kit. Install was easy with the kit. Swingarm now swings. Very well made definitely an improvement over OEM. If you are upgrading the suspension this should be done too to take full advantage of new suspension.

  • Endre Aas (verified owner)

    Perfectly maschined. Original bushings seems to be a part of the calculated dampening along with the bad OEM dampers. Install these with some new shocks is highly adviced.

  • Brock (verified owner)

    High quality product and straightforward installation if you follow the video.

  • Brett H Hendrixson (verified owner)

    BUY THE INSTALLATION TOOL! Being hardheaded, I fabricated my own and it turned into a headache rather quickly. Once installed, these bushings completely transform the feel of the rear suspension. Would pair perfectly with a rear shock upgrade.

  • Richard Wright (verified owner)

    Absolutely superb product. Well worth the money for the difference it has made to the ride on my Grom. If you are fed up with the back jarring over every bump, purchase these swing arm bushes. Definately worth their weight in gold, and the delivery was very very quick. Again an absolutely fantastic product and company. Can’t recommend them enough. Thank you guys. Rich

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