MNNTHBX V3 Fender Eliminator for 2022+ Honda Grom - Rear Mount

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About MNNTHBX V3 Fender Eliminator for 2022+ Honda Grom - Rear Mount
The MNNTHBX rear facing fender eliminator for the all new 2022 Honda Grom utilizes the OEM signals, pulled into a clean and compact position for easy plug and play performance. Power coated aluminum mounted to our Delrin base puck for perfect fitment. Add our optional micro plate light if required, by simply enlarging the small hole pre-existing in your OEM tail. *MADE IN THE USA*

9 reviews for MNNTHBX V3 Fender Eliminator for 2022+ Honda Grom – Rear Mount

  • Eric Korn (verified owner)

    Needs instructions, had to re-install a few times to get it perfect. Otherwise great product, I went with a license plate frame light to avoid drilling the hole for led light

    • kevin estep

      Sorry you had any difficulty. It’s about as straight forward as is gets, with just four bolts. As always, contact us with any questions, as we’re nearly available around the clock. Enjoy the great bike!

  • Rob Tenney

    Can you please post a picture of this rear mount with the “LED license light” and where the hole needs to be drilled? What size drill bit? I am very interested in this for my 2022 Grom.

    • kevin estep

      You can actually see the micro plate light a some of the product photos (it’s REALLY small). As for location, there’s already a tiny hole in your stock under tail in that location. You simply open it up to the size of the new plate light.

  • Rob Tenney (verified owner)

    Video of installation.

  • Slim Jim (verified owner)

    Super easy to install after watching the Youtube video. I love the option to be able to use the stock signals. Thanks.

  • Pamela Horton (verified owner)

    This turned out amazing! The fit was perfect and the LED is not only low profile but way brighter than you would think for such a tiny LED. I didn’t know there was a video but also didn’t really need one as it only really goes on one way. If you honestly tried and couldn’t figure out the install without a video, you maybe shouldn’t ride motorcycles on the road with other bikes cars…

    Back on topic, great product and would recommend to a friend!

  • Bobby Marcum (verified owner)

    Get rid of that hideous fender!

  • Jason Luban (verified owner)

    Fits great and looks excellent.

  • Jay Mendoza (verified owner)

    quality and fitment are on point made my 2022 Grom looks sporty.

  • Ryan (verified owner)

    Mounted up perfect for 2022 Honda Grom. Gives the bike a fresh new sporty look. Took probably 30 minutes to install.

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