Leo Vince Dual High Mount Full Exhaust system for the 2022+ Honda GROM

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About Leo Vince Dual High Mount Full Exhaust system for the 2022+ Honda GROM
Your choice of either carbon fiber, matte black or stainless mufflers. The Newest offering from Leo Vince for the 2022+ Honda GROM. This exhaust has a deep & throaty sound. The quality is simply amazing. FULL EXHAUST WITH DUAL MUFFLERS (STAINLESS OR BLACK MUFFLERS) WEIGHTS 7.89LBS & THE CARBON FIBER WEIGHTS ONLY 6.57LBS
  • CNC "Full Carbon" bracket
  • Sandblasted endcap
  • Rear stainless steel mesh
  • Aluminum plate with embossed LV logo
  • TIG welding

6 reviews for Leo Vince Dual High Mount Full Exhaust system for the 2022+ Honda GROM

  • Jeff Wagner (verified owner)

    Ordered last Sunday, received Wednesday. Installed today. Took all of 20 minutes. Fit-up was great, sounds fabulous. Note: not much room for a forward or low mount license plate. I’m using TST fender eliminator with low mount license plate, and I have about 1/16 inch clearance on either side between the license plate and the cans. Nothing should move to cause rubbing, but I’ll probably pick up some rubber washers/spacers to move the cans just a little further out to be sure. All in all, extremely pleased with my new exhaust and very pleased with my first purchase from mnnthbx. I got an answer to my only prepurchase question by email in less than an hour. That’s customer service.

  • Nicholas Le (verified owner)

    I preordered the carbon fiber version back in 11/22 and got it in December. Super easy install, everything fit up perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised with how good it sounded considering at the time I could find zero clips of how it sounded online. This is by far my favorite dual high mount option available for the 22+ grom (I personally think it looks better than the yoshimuras even). Can’t really explain how much I love this exhaust, the only downside is now I’m going to be scared to practice stunting on it cuz the cans will definitely be the first part on the ground if I go over.

  • Steve Lucha (verified owner)

    This exhaust is the best looking and sounding exhaust I have ever seen on a Grom. The fit and finish is perfect and the sound is about the throatiest deep sounding exhaust I have ever heard on a Grom. This exhaust measures between 117-119 dB when wide open (which you will always be on a Grom) so keep that in mind if you don’t want something extremely loud. To give some perspective on the dB level, my Aprilia Tuono 660 with Gabro racing velocity stacks, SC project exhaust, and tune measure in the same range of 117-119 dB.

  • Michael Stringer (verified owner)

    I bought a 2023 Grom SP ABS. Pit bike, mail getter… i bought the Leo Vince Dual system. Carbon Fiber. Pulled the bike in my living room to impress my wife. Installed with no issues. Looks bad ass! Took it out after 10 and let the neighbors know how my new exhaust sounds. Sounds awesome, deep throaty at idle, upshifts sounds loud and proud, down shifts make me smile. Just bought more parts from MNNTHBX. Great service. Fast delivery.

  • Michael Stringer (verified owner)

    Super easy install. Looks great, sounds even better. Turned the Grom into a very cool great sounding Machine.

  • Lalo Valdivia (verified owner)

    Plug n play system on my 2024 Grom ABS. It looks and sounds really awesome. Glad I went with this purchase. It fits on point with the TST INDUSTRIES LOW MOUNT liscense plate holder, about half inch on each side. Thanks guys!!


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