KTM Duke 790/ Duke 890 Integrated Tail Fender Eliminator by MNNTHBX.

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About KTM Duke 790/ Duke 890 Integrated Tail Fender Eliminator by MNNTHBX.
MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for KTM 790/KTM 890 We'll say up front, you can easily find cheaper fender eliminators for your KTM 790 Duke and KTM 890 Duke . We decided to build what we felt was the highest quality, cleanest kit possible, disregarding costs restraints. This is a COMPLETE kit, built around Rizoma's amazing Corsa S lights. Held in our Delrin base, they provide integrated running lights, brake lights, and signals. Our micro plate light sits above a powdered stainless plate mount. We did our best to display the function in the video below, but the camera just doesn't do these justice. These Italian beauties are simple the brightest lights we've ever seen.   NOTE: You will need to use the supplied Rizoma resistors when completing the wiring or have your KTM dealer switch your ECU to LED mode to achieve the correct flash rate and for no codes to display. Wiring
Lights in action

5 reviews for KTM Duke 790/ Duke 890 Integrated Tail Fender Eliminator by MNNTHBX.

  • Cody Holloway (verified owner)

    Looks amazing on the bike. Great build quality. As I am no expert; but it was easy enough to figure out with the wiring chart on the web page. Would definitely recommend this product, it’s awesome and works great !

  • Sudipti Singh (verified owner)

    The lights look great, they are freakin’ bright (even in daylight), and I never miss not having a proper brake light. All other tail tidies try to stick a brake light on where KTM obviously neglected to integrate it (seriously, why does the 390 get an integrated one and we don’t??), and it just looks wrong. I much prefer the look of this, as the design is very intentional and super minimalist, and bonus points for working great with the stock exhaust. You’ll be hard pressed to find any competitor to this, believe me, I searched Google and various forums desperately until I came across this. Also, if you’re scoffing at the price, you should notice that this comes with two of the $100 Rizoma Corsa S lights, so it’s pretty much a $100 tail tidy. Kind of a no-brainer if you were going to get aftermarket tail lights anyway.

  • Will Curtiss (verified owner)

    Well, what can I say about this product. For starters, it looks incredibly clean. There is no other kit I would recommend if looks are your number one priority.

    Be aware: If you have little or no experience stripping wires and connecting them, or you lack the confidence to do so, this is not the product for you. You are going to have to strip the wires in your bike as well as the provided tail lights/turn signals. But if you are willing to do so and you follow the easy to understand wiring diagram you will come out with the best looking tail kit for the bike, making it look even better.

    And as for the price, I get that it is expensive, do you think I really wanted to drop $300 on a tail tidy? Of course I didn’t, but when you compare it to the other options and realize the value of the included lights, it isn’t as the face value might make it seem.

    Overall I would recommend this product to anyone with the knowledge or willingness to connect wires through butt connectors or what ever your preferred method is. I am very pleased with the final product!

    • kevin estep

      Thanks for the review. Be aware we offer posi-taps in the product menu for those needing a easy, non invasive installation.

  • Jon Porter (verified owner)

    Clean kit! This kit came quickly even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Quality parts feel great and look even better. Wiring isn’t bad if have an idea of what to do. You get included tail lights that are probably worth the $300 themselves. The mounting bracket feels quality. This kit is a definite buy for anyone questioning it. Only down side is that I haven’t bought front turn signals yet and the rear setup makes the stock front signals look like trash lol.

  • ManuelFilho (verified owner)

    Probably the best looking tail tidy on the market. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because the plate light glares the look from behind at night, I tuned it off.

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