MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for 2017+ KTM 390 Duke

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About MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for 2017+ KTM 390 Duke
The new MNNTHBX fender eliminator for the KTM 390 Duke is the cleanest, most compact, and function piece in the industry. The quality stainless powder coated mount utilizes factory signals in the tightest position. Remove it in minutes and leave the HDPE base for tidy track day duty. Incorporates our super bright micro plate light. Optional Posi-taps make an easier and clean installation, but aren't required.    

25 reviews for MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator for 2017+ KTM 390 Duke

  • Dan (verified owner)

    Excellent quality fender eliminator for my 2017 Duke 390. It didn’t come with any instructions but it was pretty straightforward to figure out that the passenger seat needed to be removed to get at the turn signal light connectors.
    I’m super happy with the look, fit and finish!

  • Luis D (verified owner)

    It worked! Everywhere else the fender eliminator for the 17 duke 390 is sold out. This one fit pretty good I only had a problem with 1 out of the 4 bolts that would fall out. Not sure if it’s because of my bike or the kit so I won’t blame it on them. Regardless my bike looks 100 x better than stock. No instructions included but there is a video on YouTube of a guy doing an install video on a 15 or 16 rc390 and it is pretty similar. Only difference is you only have to undo the 4 bolts from the bottom (i think it’s 4 on top and 4 on bottom the the rc) so it’s easier. Shipped pretty quick with no issues. I’m happy with it.

    • kevin estep

      Sounds like you must have a stripped bolt hole on your frame if hardware fell out… You should be able to add a nut to the topside if thats the case. We could include instructions, but it’s basically four bolts out, four bolts in. Not much going on there. Enjoy the bike!

  • Ryan (verified owner)

    Great kit, looks super clean. Just 4 bolts from under the tail. Also loosened the left and right side of the fender and the base of the delete slid in and fit like a glove. The posi taps make it quick and clean or cut the factory light wire and solder it to the MNNTHBX light for plug n play to factory. Put it on with a buddy, took about twenty minutes or so.

  • Justin

    Awesome product and delivery from MNNTHBX! All metal construction and looks great on bike. Easy to install (taking apart the original KTM assembly was the most difficult). This is by far the best I’ve seen for the 2017 KTM 390 Duke… no need to look further!

  • Abigail (verified owner)

    Bike looks so clean! Just got my kit today and put it on right away, so glad I went with this one. Easy to install(take it from a female rider). Fits perfectly, great quality product

  • Jim

    Nice look and easy to install, only rewiring that I needed to do was for the light that illuminates the license plate, that took 2 minutes, only comment I would suggest using your own electrical connectors I could not get the supplied ones to work, otherwise awesome product, easy to put on and it looks awesome!

  • Jayson

    Super fast shipping and excellent fit and finish on this fender eliminator!

  • Kristen S (verified owner)

    It sort of fit, but required quite a lot of trimming and modification to get it to seat correctly in the hollow underneath the bike between the side body panels. Also the tiny white LED that is supposed to illuminate the plate is behind the plate after bolting the plate on, so that is definitely not going to be very functional. Everyone else says theirs was a good fit, maybe I just got a dud or a 2016 mislabeled for 2017? Now that I put in the tedious work of trimming it, it looks good, though plate not being lit is not legal.

    • kevin estep

      There are no duds, and they’re all CNC identical. In fact, there’s almost nothing to go wrong on this 10 minute installation. This is one of our top selling parts, and loved by all. You should NEVER need to modify or trim anything EVER. All you have to do is loosen the side body panels and it slides right into place underneath them, then retighten. I suspect this wasn’t done during your installation. I’m confused why the light isn’t hitting your plate, as it covers it easily. Please send us pics to so we can see what you’ve done. As always, we’ll stand behind our products 100%, as our priority is ensuring you love your purchase. Thx, G

  • dougettinger (verified owner)

    Due to exchange rate, it was pretty expensive but worth every penny. Fits perfectly and is the best looking one out there. Made out of high quality materials. Looks better than the yoshi. Very happy with this product.

  • Dallas (verified owner)

    Very nice product. Looks great on the bike and fairly easy to install. Took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. Only had to splice in 1 wire for the license plate light. I’d highly recommend this kit. Very fast shipping as well!

  • Cali_PaPa (verified owner)

    Amazing fit, great quality, LOOKS GREAT! love the microlight. Less than fifteen-minute install

  • Solomon (verified owner)

    Great fender eliminator! Easy to install and looks better than stock.

  • Doug (verified owner)

    First mod I installed on my duke. Was super fast and incredibly simple. Makes the back end look incredible.

  • Eric K (verified owner)

    Fit and finish is top notch. There are no instructions, but it’s pretty straightforward. Looks great.

  • Chris Smith (verified owner)

    Literally first thing I did to my bike. Worked perfect! Had to loosen the sides to get it locked in but who doesn’t like a tight fit 😉 looks and performs as it should. Thank you!

  • darren

    so just to make sure this will fit a 2018 390 duke?

    • kevin estep


  • Jamie Fales (verified owner)

    Perfectly Engineered. Very easy to install. You will not be disappointed with this piece.

  • GMan (verified owner)

    Great Product! The fit and finish is perfect on my 2018 Duke. Installation was easy. A quick reference on YouTube and off I went. It looks great!

  • Daniel (verified owner)

    Excellent quality overall. Everything was very simple to install. I found it easier to install the plastic base if you remove the fasteners holding the bottom side tail trims, then pull pop them loose. Gives you more room to slide the base in and fasten the rest of the kit together. I reused my OEM connector for the license plate light.

    Tail looks amazing now, plate is still very visible and that LED is pretty bright. No complaints 😀

  • Cm

    Does this fit a 2019?

    • kevin estep

      Yes. All years 2017 and beyond.

  • A Jones (verified owner)

    Easy to install, pretty self explanatory but would have liked instructions. I had to loosen the plastics on the rear of my 2019 to get it to fit. No problem after reconnecting the plastics. It’s a pretty elegant design.

  • Cody (verified owner)

    No instructions are needed. Old off, new on. I only loosened bolts on one side of tail plastic , nearly stripped bolts on other side trying to loosen, would not budge. Looks great, glad I chose this one.

  • Jacob

    I wasnt experienced with the electrical connections that the product came with, so i had to do a little googling and youtubing to fogure that part out since they do not come with directions- but seriously- this install is very straight forward and very clean. If you have a couple of brain cells to rub together you can install it. If you arent dumb like me this would be a 15 minute install- i went super slow and took my time and did some research so it took me an hour. Really, the kit is VERY nice. I DO think however for some of the knuckle draggers that including a simple printout of instructions might be worth the effort and cost on mnnthbx’s part, if nothing else but to give the buyer piece of mind throughout the process

  • Patrick Rosas (verified owner)

    Freaky fast shipping! Quality part and super easy to install, took about 30 minutes. Thanks MNNTHBX!

  • Jennilee (verified owner)

    I received my order quickly and it was packed ok. I was expecting the whole thing to be metal but only the license plate part was, the rest is plastic which is fine. I watched some YouTube videos on installation and learned that you can undo the side panels slightly to fit it in more easily, it’s a tight fit. The bolts on one side of the holder did not line up with the other two, and it caused some frustration. I had to take it out of position and put pressure on one corner in order for them to line up and not cross thread, which was a bit challenging. I soldered and heat shrunk the license plate light wires (I clipped the plug off the plate side). I’m not sure how bright the light is as I have yet to ride at night with it but it seems kind of dim compared to stock. Overall I’m satisfied with the outcome and it looks way better than stock!

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