KOSO 150cc BIG BORE KIT- kit for Honda Grom & Monkey 2022+

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About KOSO 150cc BIG BORE KIT- kit for Honda Grom & Monkey 2022+
Made from the best components available on the market, our 150cc Big Bore kit is the perfect addition to upgrade your performance! The kit includes a black powder coated cylinder, 54 mm forged piston, rings, pin and gasket kit. Its compression ratio of 11.38 to 1 will allow you to still use premium pump gas and keep the reliability of a stock motor. W-27-5937


  • Cylinder displacement: 150 cc
  • Cylinder material: Aluminum / Black powder coated
  • Piston size: 54 mm
  • Piston type: Forged
  • Compression ratio: 11.38:1
  • Kit includes: piston ring, piston, pin, gasket kit and cylinder
  • Fits 2022+ Grom & Monkey
Add a KOSO camshaft for even a more performance increase.
The new Koso performance camshaft for the 2022+ Honda Grom & Monkey that will give you great results at high RPM. This camshaft can be used with a stock engine, but will even give better results with the Koso 150cc big bore kit. Made from quality material for longer durability, this product is a clever choice. P-0925-1511 / W-27-5933


  • Duration at 1mm In: 230 Ex: 230
  • Valve lift In: 0.8mm Ex: 7.5mm
  • Lobe center In: 105 Ex: 105
  • Running clearance In: 0.08mm Ex: 0.20mm
  • Fits 2022+ Honda Grom and Monkey


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