MNNTHBX Kawasaki Z125 Sliders

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About MNNTHBX Kawasaki Z125 Sliders
Our Kawasaki Z125 passenger peg sliders provide crash protection and streamline the look of the bike. Tough delrin construction. Easily swap out with passenger pegs in minutes.

4 reviews for MNNTHBX Kawasaki Z125 Sliders

  • Greg_E (verified owner)

    Went on quickly with no issues. As to how well they work, not sure since I haven’t tried to test them yet, sliding down the pavement is not one of the things that I do just to have fun. Combined with my other sliders, hoping that they will help prevent damage when/if I slide this bike.

    But they look good and get rid of the stupid passenger pegs. Do you really want to try and ride with a passenger on this little bike? Really???

    With my rearsets, I may be able to rest the heel of my boot on them when cornering, might help get my leg into the correct position and give some added stability. Not sure yet, haven’t been able to get to the track.

  • Richard M (verified owner)

    Quality fit & finish product. Looks much better when the stock pegs are removed! If you low side, your peg/exhaust is going to hit before sliders will. Well worth the money.

  • andojewski (verified owner)

    High quality workmanship and a simple concept executed to perfection.

    Haven’t laid the bike down to test them yet but material/design/construction has me confident that they can take a hit or two.

    As an added bonus our black Z looks so much more slick now!

  • John Wiseman (verified owner)

    I have the integrated tail light and matching plate holder, so these really help to clean up the look of the back-end even more. One interesting thing – the right slider went on perfectly. The left one did not line up properly as it appears that the weld on my particular bike on the peg bracket is not perfectly straight. It was a simple manner to compensate by drilling the peg hole out further with a couple of high-quality steel drill bits. Easy to do as the slider is aluminum. NOT the slider’s fault! They look awesome installed and you can’t tell I drilled one out further.

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